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8 Damn Delicious Hypothyroidism Dinner Idea’s

1. Sweet Ginger Glazed Salmon

Everyone will love this  salmon dish. Not only is it full of flavor, it’s high in omega-3. Salmon is, undoubtedly, one of the healthiest seafood to date. So glad it’s also supple and scrumptious. Great idea a hypothyroidism dinner!The sweet ginger glazed salmon recipe offers a sweet and tangy sauce for juicy and savory bites. It’s a protein-packed meal with an Asian twist. Compliment the meal with a mixture of zucchini, sweet carrots and summer squash!  Instead of using soy sauce as suggest in the recipe use coconut amino’s instead.

Try it at Clean Eating Dinner – Sweet Ginger Glazed Salmon.

2. 10-Minute Thai Shrimp, Cucumber and Avocado Salad (by Cooking Canuck)

Please visit Cooking Canuck’s website. It’s full of delicious and healthy recipes–and this clean eating salad is one of them. Combining fish sauce with chilli and agave, this clean eating salad offers great flavor with zero guilt. It’s also quick and easy, and we all like that.

3. Five Spice salmon

Five Spice Powder is a traditional Chinese condiment containing cloves, cinnamon, fennel, star anise and pepper corn. It’s used in many dishes including chicken stew and five-spiced eggs. It has a sweet and herb-y flavor and smells wonderful.
Today’s Five Spice Salmon uses mainly the Five Spice Powder. Simply marinade salmon with powder, along with a few other ingredients, and bake until salmon’s thoroughly cooked. The outcome is quite flavorful. Hope you like it.
Get recipe at Five Spice Salmon.
.clean eating recipe - 5 spice salmon 1

4. Seaweed Tuna Bite

Love these little bites because they’re abundant with protein and has zero carbs. Seaweed and tuna make a nice combo, if you haven’t tried. Find recipe at Clean Eating Snack – Seaweed Tuna Bite.

5. Lobster, Cilantro and Avocado Salad
You can substitute shrimp for lobster if you want. Either way, this salad is hearty and delicious. Get recipe at Clean Eating Idea – Lobster Salad.

6.Creamy Tomato Shrimp

If you like creamy sauces, you’ll like this creamy tomato shrimp. It’s smooth, flavorful and tastes great with anything. Enjoy recipe at Clean Eating Shrimp Recipe.

clean eating idea - creamy shrimp 1

7. Salad Cups with Quinoa, Shrimp, Avocado & Lemon Dressing Recipe

You’ll love every bite of this salad that is filled with tons of goodies. The dressing is light and fragrant, with a lemony touch of spring and an herbaceous flavor from dried oregano and voila – a beautiful, healthy salad
Find this recipe at Cooking Canuck

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12 flat belly ways to tame that bloated belly.


Weight weight-loss:

1) Eat cleaner and more live bacteria foods, drinks and foods that are anti-bloating

A few studies suggest that peppermint tea, ginger, pineapple, parsley, and yogurts containing probiotics (“good” bacteria) may help reduce bloating. Eat mores salmon, avocado, raw almonds, watermelon, sauerkraut, Kefir, kombucha, kimchi, pickles in brine ( sea salt & water), Miso soup, berries, garlic, oatmeal.


2) Go poop! Constipation?

Constipation bloats your belly, and one easy way to get rid of it is by starting each morning with a Oatmeal , blueberries and add a lil bit of cinnamon for an extra help kick this guarantees your body a daily dose of fiber or grab a veggie omelet with asparagus, water rich tomatoes and diced red bell peppers, onions and cooked in raw coconut oil. This omelet will help ease gas and help flush waste from your system. I can drink a cup of…

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10 low carb hypothyroid friendly soups to warm the soul. Plus 2 recipes from my book! A survivors cookbook guide to kicking hypothyroidisms booty.


Mexican Chicken Lime Soup 


This spicy, crock pot friendly soup from Rachel Ray looks simply fantastic. I’m such a Mexican food fan.

Brazilian Shrimp Stew


Such an easy soup to warm the soul on a chilly fall day. It’s creamy, spicy, and loaded with shrimp.What more could you ask for?

Pumpkin Chipotle Soup


You won’t believe your taste buds with this warm, creamy and velvety soup. This soup will rock your world in the most taste-tastic way! Omit the sugar suggestion. I would substitute the heavy cream for coconut milk.

Roasted Red Pepper Soup


If you like tomato soup, you’ll love this roasted red pepper soup. This soup a creamy texture, and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese makes it feel extra indulgent. For a vegetarian option, use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth.

Andy’s South-West Chicken Soup


Andy makes this soup look and taste out of this world. Fill your…

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The Magic in Mushrooms. 8 health benefits of mushrooms plus a easy slow cooker recipe.



Mushrooms are loaded with essential nutrients.

Bullet proof your sleep with Mushrooms

Vitamin D deficiencies lead to sleep disorders. Most of us are vitamin D deficient. Low levels of of vitamin D can result in not only sleeping problems but depression, muscle pain, weight gain, lack of energy and digestive difficulties. Place your mushrooms in the sun for  60 minutes, allow them to soak up the vitamin d from the sun. One portion of sun-exposed mushrooms provides around 400 units. Other natural ways to help get your daily dose of vitamin d is sit in the sun for 20 minutes, fatty fish and egg yolks.

(Web MD suggests adults under 50 get at least 600 IU daily)


Could a mushroom a day help keep the doctor away?

A study done on mice and published by the American Society for Nutrition found that white button mushrooms boost…

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18 things about black Crows that you might not of known!



Crows are very vocal birds. They are sly and often deceptive in their actions. Crows have been known to build false nests high in treetops to confuse predators. The height of their nests give them the opportunity to watch everything that is going on around them. Many cultures think of crow as the keeper of knowledge for nothing escapes their keen sight.

Each caw has its own meaning.The striking black color of crow represents the color of creation.Crow is associated with magic, unseen forces and spiritual strength. If crow flies into your life, get out of your familiar nest, look beyond your present range of vision, listen to its caw and act accordingly. Take heed.


Thoughts and Remembrances


Pure love or marriage
Devotion and happy love

A baby




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10 tips to lose weight without even exercising!




Everyone wants to lose weight without exercising? A quick fix right?  You can start to see a difference if you make simple lifestyle and diet changes. Who needs an expensive gym membership or spending hours on end working out. Let me list a few simple solutions tips to begin you on your weight loss journey without breaking a sweat. Losing weight is about eating less calories, it is very o important that the calories you take in come from a well-balanced diet. Please make sure to eat the  appropriate amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats to ensure your body is getting the fuel it needs.

1. Drink 2 glasses of water before every meal. Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger. .This will also help you eat less. if you don’t like plan water ? Drink 2 cups of green tea. Green tea is excellent in increasing the body’s ability to…

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11 Surprisingly Healthy Beers



Being a self-professed beer enthusiast, I know, beer gets a bad rap. Believe it or not beer does have a lot of things going on for it, nutritionally. Unlike red wine, beer doesn’t really get a lot of attention for its health benefits. We all know that a 6-pack a day can kill that waistline not to mention how harsh it is on your liver. Beer is one of the very few plant sources of vitamin B12 which is generally only found in vitamins or animal resources. The B12 comes from bacteria growth in the barley grain. Beer is also a source of plant-based phytonutrients (courtesy the barley and hops) but that doesn’t mean you can swoop out your salad for a cold brew. With all this good news to my other beer enthusiast –so the big question is, which varieties pack the biggest nutritional punch?

A Chicago couple combined his love of Belgian lambics with her fondness for fermented kombucha tea to create Lambrucha, a tart, funky, lemony brew with a dry finish. At just 3.5 percent alcohol by volume and with all the good-for-you stuff that kombucha drinkers swear by — vitamins B and C, as well as help with digestion and blood circulation — this beer's a standout.
Special ingredients: Green tea kombucha
105 calories

A Chicago couple…

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Beeswax candles: Natures natural air purifier



Pure beeswax candles are healthy.  Beeswax candles produces negative ions that actually clean your air of odors, pollen, smoke, dust, dust mites, viruses, asthma, allergies, and hay fever!  Bee-wax candles leave your indoor air fresher and cleaner. Many air purifiers and water filters harness this effective negative ion technology.  They are the only candle for anyone with chemical sensitivities or allergies.

When you increase the negative ions in the air. Your mood improves and it gives you a  sense of wellness.

With increased negative ions, studies how shown that it : 

  • Improves sleep
  • Enhances immune system
  • Relief from hay fever & allergies
  • Proven to lessen asthma related symptoms
  • Improves air quality
  • Improves concentration
  • helps to balancing  hormones
  • Its’ a natural detoxification

Sneaky labeling on beeswax candles

A candle may be labeled “beeswax” if it contains as little as 10% beeswax – the remaining ingredients is most likely…

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Cracking the hangover cure code! Hangover recipes that actually help ease the pain.



Hangover cures

The morning after a night of partying can be harsh. Hangover cures are a myth. Plain and simple. There is no cure for a hangover but there are things you can do to help ease your pain. You knew you should of avoided that last shot or glass of wine or beer! Whatever your poison is? You feel like total ass right now.  The best cure is to not drink at all or in moderation. To know your limit but nahhhhh, that’s no fun!

    1. Alka Seltzer -Seltzer varieties contain sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda), which will help settle a queasy belly by neutralizing stomach acid.
    2. Coconut water with 1 tablespoon of honey and a emerge-c powder packet. Coconut water is loaded with potassium and other vitamins which  will help your body with dehydration.  Honey is acclaimed by scientists for its ability to aid the body in…

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    Super easy body cleanse for hypothyroidism



    Drink 20 ounces of water w/ dash of cayenne and half of a freshly squeezed lemon

    Breakfast: Quinoa With Prunes

    This recipe comes from Dr. Oz’s 48-Hour Weekend Cleanse.


    • 1/2 cup quinoa, rinsed
    • 1 cup water
    • 1 pinch nutmeg
    • 1 tsp grated ginger
    • 1/3 cup chopped prunes
    • 1/4 cup rice milk


    In a small pot, stir 1/2 cup quinoa, a pinch of nutmeg and 1 tsp of grated ginger into a cup of water. Bring to a boil. Reduce the heat, cover the pot and simmer for 10 minutes. Stir in the prunes and rice milk. Cover again and cook another 5 minutes. Before serving, stir in 1 tbsp of flaxseed oil.

    Lunch Smoothie

    1 red organic apple

    1 garlic glove

    2 organic celery stalks

    1/2 beet

    1 thumbsize piece of ginger

    1/2 lemon peeled

    1 cup of water

    dash of cayenne, dash of tumeric

    Blend everything…

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