11 Surprisingly Healthy Beers



Being a self-professed beer enthusiast, I know, beer gets a bad rap. Believe it or not beer does have a lot of things going on for it, nutritionally. Unlike red wine, beer doesn’t really get a lot of attention for its health benefits. We all know that a 6-pack a day can kill that waistline not to mention how harsh it is on your liver. Beer is one of the very few plant sources of vitamin B12 which is generally only found in vitamins or animal resources. The B12 comes from bacteria growth in the barley grain. Beer is also a source of plant-based phytonutrients (courtesy the barley and hops) but that doesn’t mean you can swoop out your salad for a cold brew. With all this good news to my other beer enthusiast –so the big question is, which varieties pack the biggest nutritional punch?

A Chicago couple combined his love of Belgian lambics with her fondness for fermented kombucha tea to create Lambrucha, a tart, funky, lemony brew with a dry finish. At just 3.5 percent alcohol by volume and with all the good-for-you stuff that kombucha drinkers swear by — vitamins B and C, as well as help with digestion and blood circulation — this beer's a standout.
Special ingredients: Green tea kombucha
105 calories

A Chicago couple…

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