6 home remedies to Heal Cracked and Crusty Feet that work!



I am not alone when I say, “I’ve had crusty embarrassing feet”. Cracked heels (Heel Fissures) is a very common issue with people these days and nobody wants to see scaly, cracked  and flaky feet. It’s not only super  embarrassing but it can be quite painful too. Crusty-cracked heels happen when you neglect your feet and don’t moisturize properly which can develop into painful deep cuts. How you take care of your feet does say a lot about how you take care of your body and if your on the prowl to get a man? One look at your crusty toe bits? Will have him running the other way.  I’m not taking about foot fetishes just general hygiene. Of course, there are many other reasons why your feet can become less attractive and just plain out ugly is lack of moisture, improper foot care, unhygienic conditions, age, an unhealthy diet…

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