The Magic in Mushrooms. 8 health benefits of mushrooms plus a easy slow cooker recipe.



Mushrooms are loaded with essential nutrients.

Bullet proof your sleep with Mushrooms

Vitamin D deficiencies lead to sleep disorders. Most of us are vitamin D deficient. Low levels of of vitamin D can result in not only sleeping problems but depression, muscle pain, weight gain, lack of energy and digestive difficulties. Place your mushrooms in the sun for  60 minutes, allow them to soak up the vitamin d from the sun. One portion of sun-exposed mushrooms provides around 400 units. Other natural ways to help get your daily dose of vitamin d is sit in the sun for 20 minutes, fatty fish and egg yolks.

(Web MD suggests adults under 50 get at least 600 IU daily)


Could a mushroom a day help keep the doctor away?

A study done on mice and published by the American Society for Nutrition found that white button mushrooms boost…

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