Two weeks of Hypothyroidism Breakfasts

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast” literally means the meal that “breaks the fast”. You’ve been sleeping all night fasting. Your body needs to be rebooted. You’ve got to “jump-start” that metabolism. Eating a healthy breakfast has been medically proven to have many health benefits, including weight control , reducing the risk of obesity , it certainly will boost your fiber intake to help you reach your daily goal of 20 to 35 grams (for adults). Eating breakfast has been shown to improve performance, have heart health advantages, helps you avoid fluctuating glucose levels, which can lead to diabetes later in life, helps you consume less calories throughout the day, so you’re not binge eating of starvation at lunch time. It will give you that mental edge by enhancing your memory, your clarity, and the speed in which you are processing information, your reasoning skills, your creativity and how you absorb information. Scientists at the University of Milan in Italy reviewed 15 studies and found some evidence that those benefits. One theory suggested that if you eat a healthy breakfast it can reduce hunger throughout the day, and help you make better food choices at other meals. You should eat no later than 2 hours of waking up. Also, if you skip breakfast your hunger hormones are boosted and it can also throw your body into survival mode. Which in return starts breaking down protein in your muscles and your muscles will slowly start to break down.   Now, I hope you see the importance of why eating a healthy breakfast is so important.  I am always thinking of my friends!

Here are Two weeks of amazingly simple and delicious Hypothyroidism Breakfasts!

I decided to write a brand new, FREE e-book: Two Weeks of Hypothyroidism Breakfasts.

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