They laugh at me because I’m different

“They laugh at me because I’m different, I laugh at them because they’re all the same”. I love this quote, it’s brutally honest. In a world full of #copycats I’m totally ok with going against the “norm”. I’ve heard it all from : I’m crazy, irrational, I’ll never succeed, I’m throwing my life away and on and on it goes. Yes I’ve had days were I’m like ” WTF am I doing?” But then I’ll get a text or email or phone call from a client or friend and it’s back to being Balls to the Wall crazy again. I am an expert at Thriving and Surviving!! Which is why I have compassion and a genuine Want to help other’s be the Very Best Them they can be💕💕. Life is what you make it. Be #BRAVE… Be #bold and above all else: Be an Authentic YOU😘. #busymom #insights #positivity #fitmom #motivation #champion #iwantyou #happinessjunkie #lifebydesign #familyfirst #quoteoftheday #cheerleader #smile #life #hypothyroidism


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