Got Hypothyroidism?

Our next 21 day Thyroid reboot Challenge begins TODAY. 

This program was created as a simple, helpful way to incorporate hypothyroidism  Eating into your everyday life. You have two ways to have this amazing plan!

1.  E Book

2. Paper back

Want to feel your best this Spring?!

You will notice reduced sugar cravings, weight loss, & shrinking waistlines by following this thyroid  reboot meal plan.

More importantly, you will simply feel better and have a lot more energy for their family!

This 21 day thyroid reboot program is NOT about starving, fasting, juicing, only drinking soups or smoothies, buying lots of supplements, or eating BORING meals.

Here’s what’s included when you join your  Challenge:

3 Weeks Clean Eating Guide -During the 3 week challenge you we will Detox all the junk; and learn how to eat for life!

  • Flexible daily Menu Plans that you pick!
  • Daily Online Support – Not clichés about dieting, but REAL facts & advice that works.
  • Create yourself a daily Meal, Mood, & Nutrition Tracker – So helpful!
  • Private Online Community – THIS is where the magic happens.  I (plus a small private group of amazing people doing the challenge just like you) will hold you accountable, be your supporters and cheerleader. You will have other hypothyroidism suffers join us in the group too!  Facebook- Got Hypothyroidism?


If you have some discipline, are willing to try something different, and want to see the results of resetting your body with natural foods, then I want to work with YOU!


This is not a First come, first serve thing. Everyone is welcome.

There are no limited spots to insure that you receives the attention YOU deserve.

You can jump in on the program anytime!

See you in the challenge group! It’s going to be a lot of fun!


P.S. Here’s what one of our Challengers said after her first month on the plan:

“For all of you considering joining The 21 day reboot , I wanted to pass on our success. I am a single , hard working women in my late 20’s, years of bad eating and having hypothyroidism has taken it’s toll on me. My best girlfriend  joined me for the Challenge, and she’s down 15 pounds. I am down 10. We are committed to continuing our reboot Journey and have signed on for another 21 day reboot. This reboot works if you follow the program, and you WILL feel and look fantastic!! Good luck and trust Audrey Childers!” – Brooke

I put this program together in order to help YOU simplify clean eating forever!

My Story!


Hi I’m Audrey,

I used to be an unhappy, over weight, sugar addict, who was having trouble keeping up with my 3 teenage daughters, and feeling old, bloated and blah when I looked in the mirror.  You know… the “typical aging” process many of us feel.

I’m happy to say that by shifting to a “hypothyroidism diet,” I have been able to reverse many of the negative feelings of aging that I was experiencing.

In fact, today, I feel better than ever.

I’ve been “hypothyroidism eating ” for quite some time now, and I’m proud to say not only does it work, it’s something you can stick with for LIFE!

It took years of research and many more years of trial and error to find the simplest way for someone to switch to a diet of primarily hypothyroidism eating.

Following what I learned I had seen many friends and family have major results by slightly tweaking how, and what they were eating on a daily basis.

And that’s why I created the 21 Day thyroid reboot Challenge.

Why? Because it works, AND because it’s a plan that’s actually realistic to stick with!

I’ve created this program as the perfect companion for someone looking to improve their health by eating REAL food.

That’s right, we’re simply eating differently than today’s society ‘norm,’ eating REAL foods, and experiencing amazing results because of it.

AND the best part of all… the food we eat isn’t boring!

This program is exactly what I would have wanted when I started eating for my thyroid because of two key factors.


What do I mean by Accountability?

Just simply reading a few recipes online will not change the way you eat.

You require a system to keep yourself committed to your thyroid eating lifestyle.

And when it comes to a plan, you can not simply guess your way to success.
(I tried, it doesn’t work!)

In fact, it’s taken me over 5 years to figure out the exact hypothyroidism  Eating Plan that you can easily follow for success.
(One you will stick to, rather than being bored from after a few weeks)

I have found that in order for hypothyroidism  Eating to have an affect on your health,
you require:

1. The correct eating plans. (So that you stay full, with the right foods)
2. Friends that are also eating to feed their thyroid. (Positive Peer Pressure!)
3. A leader to show you how, hold you accountable, and answer your questions! (Especially on days with Major Cravings.)

And that is exactly why this program works!

Enjoy an life time of hypothyroidism Eating!

Got Hypothyroidism?: 21-day Meal plan to reboot your thyroid Paperback


Got Hypothyroidism?: 21-day Meal plan to reboot your thyroid  Kindle Edition




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