9 Books Signing Tips for New Authors

As a new published author, I had no idea how I should handle autographing my books at my first book signing. This is one of the ways that an author connects to the reader is by making the book signing a unique and an enjoyable experience. You would think as an author of four books that I would have of plenty idea’s. Book signings are  rare face-to-face moments where you contact with your readers to help build a lasting relationship. This felt like a landmark moment in my life.   

1. Take some bookmarks and business cards: Bookmarks are a great gift and a great way get someone else interested in your book. Think of it as free advertisement. Also, not everyone is there to buy your books. They may just want to talk with you or be a “looker”. In this case,  if you hand them a business card or bookmark  along with a the book cover image on it, where they can purchase it at another time and perhaps your web address it might remind them at a later date to give you a second look to purchase your book.

2. Start with a great pen: I actually love the flow of a gel pen. It glides across the page and wont bled through. Don’t be afraid of using a different color pen. It can give personality along with  your signature. You do want to pick a pen that wont bled to the next page and is easy to glide across the paper. If  you have any books that are black or dark-colored title pages I would suggest a silver fine point marker  or a pen.

3. Crowding  your writing arm:  Make sure you have space for  your writing arm. An employee from the book store can accidently bump your arm as your autographing.

4. Authors with disabilities: If your an author who has a disability where its hard for you to sign your signature think about purchasing a  custom stamp and you can make a mark along sign it.

5. Demanding fans: If you have a fan who is over the top with excitement and demanding how and where you sign the book just smile, nod , listen and repeat back exactly what they want you to write. This can ease the situation and  make them feel that you really are glad that they are there. WHICH you are! An excited over the top fan is one that will brag about your book and word of mouth is the best advertisement!

6. Practice your signature: Practice makes perfect.

7. Take pictures: This is a great opportunity to take photos with your fans.


8. Sign on the title page: I like to sign my books on the title page. In most cases, this is where most books are autographed.


9. Make it personal: Personalize your message. Ask “Is it for you or is it a gift for someone else?” – which might prompt them into buying a second copy as a gift for someone else! Use their first name and always ask for the spelling since we live in a world where people are known to be creative with spelling even the simplest names.  You can always add something along the lines like  “It was great meeting you at the XYZ conference” or “I enjoyed learning about your business” or ” I wish you abundant joy and success in all area’s of your life” or “I am very happy that we’ve become friends”.  If you have a line of people you can’t always take the time to write a long personal message. You can make it short and simple by using one of these. Remember to take a moment to chat with each person. Smile, look them directly in the eye. Try to be personable, pleasant and thank them for buying your book and that you also hope they enjoy it.

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