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Your Thyroid has a Mistress

Your thyroid has been having a relationship with your adrenal gland. It’s never been straight forward with your body and it never will be. That butterfly shaped gland in the front of you neck does more than control your metabolism. Your thyroid puts out hormones in your body that knock on every cell and tells it what to do basically but for some reason when you have hypothyroidism those cells refuse to answer the door.

Your adrenal gland is only the size of a walnut and are locked  on top of each of your kidney’s. She is in charge of producing vital hormones that help regulate your body’s functions which include two major important things in your life your sex hormones and your cortisol levels.

Your Cortisol is more than just a steroid hormone that is made in the cortex of the adrenal gland. It has a greater task than just being tagged as your fight or flight response system. Almost every cell in our body contains receptors for cortisol. When your stress levels are high cortisol is released into your blood stream. Your body isn’t designed for you to be in a constant state of emergency. Your adrenal gland doesn’t know the difference between  a true emergency or just being stressed out. So in return she will continue to produce extra cortisol into your blood stream. After a while of pumping out the constant need for  cortisol  she will become weakened and start decreasing her ability to produce cortisol and instead produce extra adrenaline. This is what makes us feel shaky, lightheaded and anxious. This can start leading our body towards adrenal fatigue syndrome. Cortisol is also released by two other major players in your body your  hypothalamus in the brain and your pituitary gland.  

Your hypothalamus job is to keep your body in a constant stable condition. It’s like a supervisor that collects and combines information and puts changes in place to correct any imbalances. The hypothalamus also tells your pituitary gland how much hormones to release and store. Next what happens is your pituitary gland will produces the chemical messengers, also known as hormones, that stimulate the adrenal gland to secrete who is in  charge of producing vital hormones that help regulate your body’s functions which include two major important things in your life your sex hormones and your cortisol levels. 

The million Dollar Question

Back to the million dollar question what does all this have to do with my thyroid. So, when the adrenal glands are weakened from one or more of the causes I discussed above, what happens is that it puts the body in a state of catabolism.  What this means is that the body begins to break down, which as you can imagine isn’t a good thing.  As you probably know, the thyroid gland  puts out hormones in your body that knock on every cell and tells it what to do basically. So when the body is in a state of catabolism, the thyroid gland will slow down in order to slow down the catabolic process.

The light Bulb Moment

Is this all starting to make sense now? What we need to realize is in most cases, the malfunctioning thyroid gland isn’t the actual cause of the problem.  Other areas of the body are usually responsible for the thyroid condition. Many hypothyroid symptoms are very similar to adrenal fatigue that they are often confuse or misdiagnosed.

On top of all this confusion, the tests performed for thyroid and adrenal problems are often difficult to interpret correctly.

Why doesn’t your medical doctor check to see if its adrenal fatigue instead of just labeling you with a thyroid condition? The main reason is because your medical doctors aren’t trained in medical school to evaluate the entire endocrine system. They are trained to treat your symptoms with medication and surgery. Webster’s online dictionary give this definition: a person who is skilled in the science of medicine : a person who is trained and licensed to treat sick and injured people.  You should see a endocrinologist if you’ve been diagnosed with any thyroid disorder.

Endocrinologists have the training to diagnose and treat hormone imbalances and problems by helping to restore the normal balance of hormones in the body.

Why should you take a thyroid replacement pill when  you really need actually have adrenal fatigue ?  This is where a endocrinologist can help. Hypothyroidism can also be by nutrient deficiencies and not  your adrenal gland. This is why you should also look into seeing a Holistic medicine practitioner. They  believe that the whole person is made up of interdependent parts and if one part is not working properly, all the other parts will be affected. In this way, if people have imbalances (physical, emotional, or spiritual) in their lives, it can negatively affect their overall health.

All is not lost!

I wanted you to understand or get a idea of how everything has a part to play in your body. Being diagnosed with hypothyroidism isn’t just here take this pill and it will fix your issues. Hypothyroidism has a root cause. Once you start addressing the root of your problems then your body can start healing itself. Your body is an awesome design but there is a complex balance between everything. It’s a domino affect. If you have something in your body that is overworked  it will cause a major shift in your body. Don’t worry the good news is it can be healed.

Food is not just calories it is information. It talks to your DNA and tells it what to do. Your most powerful tool to change your health is your fork. You can’t go long periods without food. Your body always needs energy. If your blood sugar starts to drop this creates a stress reaction and now your adrenal glands will do what it needs to do  to maintain your body’s function by releasing more cortisol or adrenaline. Eating often will help put  your body back in its normal cycle.  You should eat foods that nourish your body and not hinder it.

The following table outlines the key differences in the signs and symptoms between adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism.

Characteristics Adrenal Fatigue Hypothyroidism
Body Measurements
Weight Early: gain weight; severe – cannot gain weight Generalized weight gain
Body Temp 97.8 or lower Low 90s to 98.6
Temp regulation fluctuating and exaggerated Steady
Mental Function
Mental Function Brain Fog Slow thinking
Depression Sometimes Frequent
Physical Looks
Eyebrows Full sparse outer 1/3
Hair Thin, sparse on extremities Coarse and sparse
Hair loss Sometimes Common
Nails Thin, brittle Normal to thick
Peri-orbital Tissue Sunken Puffy
Skin Thin Normal
Skin tone Dry Oily or moist
Internal feeling
Ligaments Flexibility Good Poor
Fluid retention No Yes
Pain Headache, muscular, migraines Joints, muscles
Reactivity Heightened and hyper-reactive Hypo-reactive
Medical condition
History of Infections Common Occasional
Chronic Fatigue Yes Yes
Orthostatic Hypotension Frequent No
Blood Sugar Tendency toward hypoglycemia Normal to hyperglycemia
Heart Palpitation Frequent No
GI function Irritable or hyperactive Constipation and hypoactive
Mal absorption Yes No
Sensitive to Medications Frequent Normal
Personality Traits
Personality Type Type A Type A or B
Obsessive Compulsive Frequent Mixed
Sleep Pattern Wake up 2-4 am Sleepy
Temperature Tolerance Intolerance to Cold Intolerance to Heat
Food Craving Craving for sweet and salty Craving for Fats

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