3 Important Steps to Start Healing Hypothyroidism

You really must begin to understand that there really isn’t a one size fits all diet for everyone who is has been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism but there are certain ways you can eat that will certainly help begin the healing process. Diet alone isn’t enough to help your body start fighting this battle that is raging in your body. The food you eat is your first line of defense against hypothyroidism. You must start addressing other area’s in your life that can cause inflammation which are:

1.Dietary Allergies

Most people with hypothyroidism have gluten sensitive’s and by avoiding gluten it will start to reduce the antibodies in your body.  This is a major player in  your gut inflammation. Other common food allergens are  Dairy, Soy, Sugar, Artificial Sweeteners, Corn, Peanuts, Eggs and Shellfish. You can have your doctor do a panel of blood work to see what food sensitives that you may have. Start avoiding any foods that will make your hypothyroidism worse. And next, you should put an effort into eating foods that will start healing your body. There are many great books that can help start your journey into eating better. remember Food is not just calories, its is information. It talks to your DNA and tells it what to do. The most powerful tool to start changing your health starts with your fork. Click on the links below and find the one that is a perfect fit for you.

Food is thy medicine, right? Actually, it can work one of two ways. Food can be thy medicine or food can be thy death. This book is a guide that will inform you from the perspective of a women. You will also be able to determine what areas in your life that may need a little bit of work and the skills needed to improve those issues along with some fabulous recipes to help get you started on how to eat KETO AIP. I will also help you understand how to fix your gut, strengthen your immunity and fight inflammation with an autoimmune approach. The Keto AIP removes all the common inflammatory food triggers that stimulate a possible autoimmune reaction in the body. We’re going to start resetting those adrenals, boosting that energy and doing a little booty kicking to those hormones that have decided to act like a wild college student and pull an all-nighter the day before final exams.

The Keto Autoimmune Protocol Healing Book for Women: Strengthen Your Immunity, Fight Inflammation and Love Your Incredible Body


A Women’s Holistic Holy Grail Handbook for Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s: How I healed my Hypothyroidism and Autoimmune Disorder with Personalized Nutrition

Poisoned Profit

A Survivor’s Cookbook Guide to Kicking Hypothyroidism’s Booty

A Survivors Cookbook Guide to Kicking Hypothyroidism’s booty, The slow cooker way

Reset Your Thyroid: 21-day Meal plan to reset your thyroid

The Ultimate Guide to Healing Hypothyroidism: The Essential information to help you start fixing your thyroid Bonus: Guide tips on how to include hesitate family members

2.Addressing gut health

Research over the past 20 years has revealed that gut health is critical to your overall health. An unhealthy gut contributes to a wide range of diseases including diabetes, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. Your gut imbalances add to the acceleration of  inflammation in the body and drastically reduce your bodies capability to absorb vital nutrients. We live in a age of antibiotics, refined carbs, processed foods, chronic stress and diets low in fermented fibers. Also did you know that babies who aren’t breast-fed and are born to mothers with bad gut flora are more likely to develop unhealthy gut bacteria themselves.  Hippocrates said over 2,000 years ago that ” All diseases begins in the gut”. You begin to start nourishing your but by adding a few things to your diet like bone broth, coconut oil, fermented vegetables, goats milk kefir, blueberries, yellow and orange foods and probiotics that have over 50 billion CFU’s.

“More than 90% of the body’s serotonin is produced in the gut, as well as about 50% of the body’s dopamine.”

Garden Of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics Once Daily Women’s

Garden Of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics Once Daily Women's, 30 Count

Marine Phytoplankton

Marine phytoplankton is apart of the algae family like chorella/spirulina; however, this algae requires no digestion! Many of us who are addressing our gut issues have a  difficult time absorbing many of the nutrients we need from the food we eat, but marine phytoplankton contains every single component the body requires to thrive! If you are attempting to regain your gut  health this can certainly get you on your way .

Marine Phytoplankton (100g) | Highest Quality Available | Most Powerful Superfood on the Planet | By MySuperfoods

“Let food be thy medicine. – Hippocrates
Ghee heals digestive problems because it is extraordinarily rich in butyric acid, which is used in the treatment of ulcers, IBS, ulcerative colitis and colon cancer, among other things. Butyric acid works by soothing and reducing inflammation in the digestive tract and healing wounds in the mucus lining of the stomach and intestines.
100% Organic Ghee from Grass-fed Cows, 8oz Jar

3.Chemical toxins and endocrine disruptors

I found this article on the EWG.org website. It is an awesome little piece of information.

12 Hormone-Altering Chemicals and How to Avoid Them

Endocrine disruptors are tricky chemicals that play on our bodies.They increase production of certain hormones; decreasing production of others; imitating hormones; turning one hormone into another; interfering with hormone signaling; telling cells to die prematurely; competing with essential nutrients; binding to essential hormones; accumulating in organs that produce hormones.  You can start avoiding these chemicals by making your own all natural cleaning supplies and being aware of the chemicals that you may purchase for your home and yard. In the books listed above, there are many recipes for all natural cleaning supplies. If making your own all natural house cleaning products isn’t your thing. Method is a good company that can ship it right to your door. They have a whole line of safe products.  Just click on the link below.

Method All-purpose Natural Surface Cleaner, Pink Grapefruit

Method All-purpose Natural Surface Cleaner, Pink Grapefruit, 28 ounce (3 Count)

Here are 12 of the worst hormone disrupters.

BPA, Dioxin, Atrazine, Phthalates, Perchlorate, Fire retardants, Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), Organophosphate pesticides and Glycol Ethers.

BPA has been linked to everything from breast and others cancers to reproductive problems, obesity, early puberty and heart disease, and according to government tests, 93 percent of Americans have BPA in their bodies!

Dioxins are very long-lived, build up both in the body and in the food chain, are powerful carcinogens and can also affect the immune and reproductive systems.

Atrazine is widely used on the majority of corn crops in the United States, and consequently it’s a pervasive drinking water contaminant. Atrazine has been linked to breast tumors, delayed puberty and prostate inflammation in animals, and some research has linked it to prostate cancer in people.

Studies have linked phthalates to hormone changes, lower sperm count, less mobile sperm, birth defects in the male reproductive system, obesity, diabetes and thyroid irregularities.

Perchlorate gets into your body it competes with the nutrient iodine, which the thyroid gland needs to make thyroid hormones. Basically, this means that if you ingest too much of it you can end up altering your thyroid hormone balance. This is important because it’s these hormones that regulate metabolism in adults and are critical for proper brain and organ development in infants and young children.

Fire retardants can imitate thyroid hormones in our bodies and disrupt their activity. That can lead to lower IQ, among other significant health effects.

Lead harms almost every organ system in the body and has been linked to a staggering array of health effects, including permanent brain damage, lowered IQ, hearing loss, miscarriage, premature birth, increased blood pressure, kidney damage and nervous system problems.

Arsenic messes with your hormones! Specifically, it can interfere with normal hormone functioning in the glucocorticoid system that regulates how our bodies process sugars and carbohydrates. What does that mean for you? Well, disrupting the glucocorticoid system has been linked to weight gain/loss, protein wasting, immunosuppression, insulin resistance (which can lead to diabetes), osteoporosis, growth retardation and high blood pressure.

Mercury is also known to bind directly to one particular hormone that regulates women’s menstrual cycle and ovulation, interfering with normal signaling pathways. In other words, hormones don’t work so well when they’ve got mercury stuck to them! The metal may also play a role in diabetes, since mercury has been shown to damage cells in the pancreas that produce insulin, which is critical for the body’s ability to metabolize sugar.

The perfluorinated chemicals used to make non-stick cookware can stick to you. Perfluoro chemicals are so widespread and extraordinarily persistent that 99 percent of Americans have these chemicals in their bodies. PFOA exposure has been linked to decreased sperm quality, low birth weight, kidney disease, thyroid disease and high cholesterol, among other health issues.

Organophosphates can affect the human body include interfering with the way testosterone communicates with cells, lowering testosterone and altering thyroid hormone levels.

Glycolethers, which are common solvents in paints, cleaning products, brake fluid and cosmetics.

I wanted to add one more important chemical that they done have listed its aluminum!

Aluminum is found in your deodorants, cookware,cosmetics, shampoo and conditioners, soaps, drugs and medications.  Aluminum-based antiperspirants may increase the risk for breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and kidney disease. (Scientists noticed that dialysis patients who had these high aluminum levels were more likely to develop dementia

Click on this link to a all natural deodorants recipe that is super easy to make!

To read more on where Aluminum products can be found click on this link.


Homemade Deodorant

1/2 cup baking soda

1/2 cup arrowroot powder or 1/2 cup of cornstarch

5 tablespoon unrefined virgin coconut oil

10 drops of grapefruit essential oil or lavender essential oil

(You can pick your favorite scent. I like lavender or grapefruit.)

Mix baking soda and arrowroot together. Melt your coconut oil in the microwave in a microwave-safe bowl. Mix all ingredients (the baking soda and arrowroot powder) with the oil. Pour into clean small mason jar. Add your essential oil to the mason jar; close with the lid. Give it a good shake to combine the essential oil with the other mixture. By doing it this way, you can still use that bowl to eat with.  Once you mix that essential oil in the bowl, it can only be used for the purpose of making your deodorant. Everything you’ve used is edible except the essential oils.

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There is almost no question that your diet is increasing inflammation in your body, but it’s certainly not the only culprit. And in order to reduce all inflammation, each area must be addressed.

68 Most Commonly Reported Symptoms of Hypothyroidism
o Fatigue o Swelling of eyelids o Emotional instability
o Lethargy o Dry skin o Choking sensation
o Low endurance o Dry mucous membranes o Fineness of hair
o Slow speech o Constipation o Hair loss
o Slow thinking o Weight gain unexplainably o Blueness of skin
o Poor memory o Paleness of lips o Dry, thick, scaling skin
o Poor concentration o Shortness of breath o Dry, coarse, brittle hair
o Depression o Swelling o Paleness of skin
o Nervousness o Hoarseness o Puffy skin
o Anxiety o Loss of appetite o Puffy face or eyelids
o Worrying o Prolonged menstrual bleeding o Swelling of ankles
o Easy emotional upset o Heavy menstrual bleeding o Coarse skin
o Obsessive thinking o Painful menstruation o Brittle or thin nails
o Low motivation o Low sex drive o Dry ridges down nails
o Dizziness o Impotence o Difficulty in swallowing
o Sensation of cold o Hearing loss o Weakness
o Cold skin o Rapid heart rate o Vague body aches & pains
o Decreased sweating o Pounding heart beat o Muscle pain
o Heat intolerance o Slow pulse rate o Joint pain
o Non-restful sleep o Pain at front of chest o Numbness or tingling
o Insomnia o Poor vision o Protrusion of one or both eyeballs
o Thick tongue o Weight loss o Sparse eyebrows
o Swelling of face o Wasting of tongue





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