Hey, YOU Freaking Weirdo.

Hey, you freaking weirdo.

Yes, you.

The one who felt out of place most of their life. Who went through the motions living outside the box.  and you didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing because “that’s the way things are.”

Who kept searching in different circles of where to fit and still suffered through a considerable amount of agony.

Does this strike a chord with you, weirdo?

Who had people force feed us what to eat, what to think, how to dress, how to date, how to love, how to believe in false idolatries, how to make money, how to spend money.

“FORGET  THAT.” – is probably what you thought often, right? “And” you still keep on rolling never giving in , because it seemed easier to do that than go along with what others thought was the norm but you knew different. It was easier to be alone than loved by people based off misleading facts about you and you didn’t feel like you needed to spoon feed them to have them come to terms of who the real you is.

Because God forbid someone saw you as you, the real you without any mask(s) on!


Imagine what would happen if they asked your opinions on marriage, family, religion, government, the earth, history, theories and formal education? Would they fall down and die from the honesty? From your honesty? What were to happen if they secretly knew your love of politics, anime, comic-con, science fiction, fetishes, phobia’s, not wanting to follow the rules, and total non-dualistic views on life?

Imagine if they knew that every conversation you have with someone that half the time you find it an utter JOKE?  “and” how you are to thankful that as many times as you’ve rolled your eyes that they didn’t get stuck in they back of your head? ” and”  How you literally can’t take everything and everyone seriously — because, well freak, you don’t even take yourself too seriously!

Please know you aren’t alone.

There are so many weirdos out there who are living in a normal human being’s bodies. (Was that even proper English? I’m sure some stuck up asshole will correct me because they have nothing better to do)

Have I offended you?

If I did, you haven’t embraced your own weirdness enough and you take yourself way too seriously. That’s some deep rooted issues you may want to consider working deeply on.

Honestly. I’m bored. We all are.

We are so bored of the same! Something has to give. Why won’t you let that be you? It’s time to step out your comfort zone and tell your limitations to shut up.

Step out and shut up.
Step. Out. And. Shut. Up.

With love,
– Your #1 Weirdo

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