Overnight Face Lift Patches Promise an Overnight Face Lift

Necklift Anti-Wrinkle Patch | 2019 New Formula | Overnight Smoothing | Lifting & Hydrating Silicone Neckline Patches | Antiaging and Antiwrinkle Beauty Neck Patches | Reusable - 2 stips

You may have heard of silicone patches, but many are curious do silicone patches really work for wrinkles??

My favorite thing about sharing skincare posts with you is getting to share if they work or not!! There is a  new trend in skincare that is using silicone patches for your  wrinkles to make them disappear.  Of course, there are many different brands.

Silicone on the skin  is a odd creation and it does create the perfect environment for moisture. No air can get to the area with the silicone pads are places and it does draw moisture to the surface of skin where it is placed. The silicone has the same reaction as hyaluronic acid where it plumbs your skin in the same effect.

I applied the patches after I cleansed by face. I woke up the next morning and gently removed them. After taking them off my under eye area, I have to admit I was SHOCKED. My under eye was plumped up and no lines were there. My eyes were so plump and no bags!!
The neck was the same thing. My crows feet were less noticeable & the plumpness under the eye didn’t last all day but by nighttime, it want so bad as before.






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