Why is America Such a Sick Nation?

What happens when you combine processed fake foods, toxic vaccines, pharmaceutical medications, fluoride-loaded tap water, chemical trails raining from above, Persistent organic pollutants (POPs), corporations poisoning our land, air, and water supply along with and pesticides on the food?

We have one sick nation. 

Why is there big money in slowly poisoning people?

Humans have evolved to become one of the smartest species on the planet but we have become dumbfounded when it comes to our very own health. It is despicable how we treat our earth and the other species that share this planet with us.  

There is a major disconnection between what we believe to be healthy foods and what research tells us is healthy. Many of the health foods today that people go out of their way to eat daily are hopelessly inadequate and slowly making our bodies sick. 

There is a major disconnect with what we are not being told about the harmful ingredients and the harmful side effects of medications, vaccines, environmental toxins, and these fake processed foods. We are tricked to feel ashamed, judged, and guilty if we refuse to fall into the line as many others have while we are being lead to our very own slaughter.

Poisoning people is a weapon of control and why not become wealthy from other human’s demise?

When you have various toxins that are fed slowly, continuously, over time to the body and in different combinations, the responsibility of blame will not lay on one single thing. There are so many awesome and enlightening documentaries’ that are surfacing that show exactly how the lives and health of human beings are considered insignificant, and in many ways threatened, for the pursuit of profits. Each one is educational and unique in its own right. No, not all that I listed are showing how corporate greed, stockholders, and their decisions affect our health but you certainly do not have to take my word for granted.

Take a moment and look at several of these documentaries’-  

 In Defense of Food

What the Health


What is with Wheat?

Heroin (e)

Understanding the Opioid Epidemic

What the Health

That Sugar Film

Flow for Love of Water

Fire in the blood

Vanishing of the Bees


Food, Inc.

Supersize Me

Take Your Pills

A User’s Guide to Cheating Death

The C Word

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Food Matters

Forks over Knives


A Shot in the Dark

Trace Amounts

Fed Up

Poisoned Lives: Secrets of the Chemical Industry

The Meat Lobby: Big Business against Health

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Poisoned Profit: The Price Tag Stapled To Our Ear

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