Hypothyroidism Slow Cooker Apple-Scented Venison Roast

A Whole Season of Autumn Meals to Celebrate Fall.

This compilation of “stay-in” dinners is our first ever round up entirely composed from Thehypothyroidismchick.com list of awesomerecipes! In light of that, do you think we’re officially allowed to call ourselves the “no need to look anywhere else weeknight dinner hypothyroidism blog”?

With the beginning of autumn comes the beginning of comfort-food season, when hearty dishes help us adjust to colder weather. 

Mother Nature paints this beautiful landscape of rich golden enchanting colors. The sound of leaves crackling benefit my feet as I take a deep breath of the fresh air crisp. My soul begins to feel the renewed harmony from the hot hazy, hustle and bustle days of summer. In the distance, I hear the gabble of a flock of geese all lined up in perfect formation beginning to head south for the winter. The smell of fall scented candles and Friday night football games let’s not fail to forget the fun of tailgating. I have many fond memories of laughing around a bonfire, and staying toasty while enjoying a night out with friends. I just love the way my oversized sweater snugs my skin and the warm pumpkin latte keeps my belly warm. Fall is one of the most packed holiday seasons. This is a season to be truly thankful, and to simply surround yourself with friend and family that are dear to your heart.

Slow Cooker Apple-Scented Venison Roast

1 tablespoon olive oil

3 pounds boneless venison roast

1 large apple, cored and quartered

2 small onions, sliced

4 cloves crushed garlic

1 cup boiling water

1 cube beef bouillon

Spray your slow cooker with olive oil spray. Place the venison roast inside, and cover with apple, onions, and garlic. Cook on Low for 6 to 8 hours until the roast is tender. After the roast is done, remove it from the slow cooker, throw away the apple.  Mix the water and bouillon into the slow cooker until the bouillon has dissolved.  You can serve this as a delicious sauce with the roast.

The Best Little Hypothyroidism Autumn CookBook 

I don’t know where to start

Hang in there. This wont happen overnight.

I know, there is so much information overload that most people are confused as to where to start.  You can start by taking ownership of your health. I wanted you to understand or get a idea of how everything has a part to play in your body. I am on a  path to help you, lead you and inform you through this terrible illness. Being diagnosed with hypothyroidism isn’t just here take this pill and it will fix your issues. Hypothyroidism has a root cause. Once you start addressing the root of your problems then your body can start healing itself. Your body is an awesome design but there is a complex balance between everything. It’s a domino affect. If you have something in your body that is overworked  it will cause a major shift in your body. Don’t worry the good news is it can be healed.

Sometimes we have to do a little pruning of the branches, in order for the tree to be healthy again. A number of things can be the reason why you have hormonal imbalances, food intolerances, thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, personality changes, leaky gut, depression, an autoimmune disorder, chronic pain, no metabolism and low sex drive, bloating, anxiety, menstrual problems and infertility. It starts with becoming aware and how your health can be influenced by many different circumstances.
How would you define good health? Logically one would define good health as absence of a disease or following some sort of ground rules that avoid developing a disease. This book can help you begin to understand what a Keto Autoimmune protocol is and start guiding you in the redevelopment and healing of your body. You will begin to understand how to fix your gut, strengthen your immunity and fight inflammation with an autoimmune approach. The Keto AIP removes all the common inflammatory food triggers that stimulate a possible autoimmune reaction in the body. Along with helping to reset those adrenals, boosting that energy and doing a little ass kicking to those hormones that have decided to act like a wild college student and pull an all-nighter the day before final exams.
Your health doesn’t have to be a difficult situation but a positive realization that things need to change. This new lifestyle change has many parts to it and I hope you will embrace not only the physical but the spiritual awakening. Common food intolerances that are known to trigger inflammation are eliminated in this Keto AIP protocol are Nightshades, Eggs, Grains (gluten), Dairy, Legumes, Corn, Soy, Dairy and lectins.

The Keto Autoimmune Protocol Healing Book for Women: Strengthen Your Immunity, Fight Inflammation and Love Your Incredible Body


A Women’s Holistic Holy Grail Handbook for Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s: How I healed my Hypothyroidism and Autoimmune Disorder with Personalized Nutrition

Poisoned Profit


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