Everyone Shouldn’t Touch You: Stop Allowing These “Spirits” To Lay Hands On You

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says 'EVERYONE SHOULDN'T TOUCH YOU Yall gonna learn. Stop allowing all these Spirits lay hands on you. Some ain't praying they're Preying, planting and seducing.'

Fundamentally, handshaking is a sign of courtesy. This custom started in medieval times. The history of the handshake dates back to the 5th century B.C. in Greece but its origins are somewhat murky. Many believe that it began as a symbol of peace, good faith when making an oath or promise and showing that neither person was carrying a weapon.  Some even suggest that the up-and-down motion of the handshake was supposed to dislodge any knives or daggers that might be hidden up a sleeve.

Handshakes basically are a form of nonverbal communication.

Much like sniffing, both parties in a handshake are exchanging sensory information about each other. Some people will try to portray certain qualities in a handshake or show their dominance.

There is a societal expectation or pressure that has been created where people feel obligated to accept someone’s handshake.

If you decline or ignore the handshake — the other party may take a defensive stance, feel as if it was a snub, think you’re an awkward person, they may also think you are a germ phobic or that your are just being rude. This can also leave an unfriendly first impression due to the response of denying the handshake conveyed.

This kind of pressure has simply created an extra unnecessary ongoing source of stress for myself over the years.

My main reason for declining something as simple as a handshake is more than just mere germs or to see who has a dominate firm grip.

It’s Spiritual attachments or possessions. People who are aware that there are other things in this world that are “preying”, planting and trying to seduce.

These non-crossed over spirits human or not, will attach themselves to your energy field for the purpose of using your energy  and or manipulating your behavior to serve themselves.

Some spirit attachments can actually be friendly, lost individuals who have inadvertently attached themselves as a means to get energy, not realizing it is actually harmful, but others can attach maliciously and intentionally harmful. Spiritual attachment or possession can affect people in many different ways.

When a person, a human being, freely chooses to be possessed completely by a demon or Satan himself, forever.

The ties to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are completely severed and cannot be repaired.

It is not often that a person who has passed through the three stages of possession chooses perfect possession.

It is more common that a person who chooses perfect possession has either become a practicing Satanist or has made the decision with their own free will prior to the possession.

They may want to choose it for wealth, power, influence or other reasons.

But they choose it and give their lives over completely at that time.

The Holy Spirit warns us not to get anywhere near that body occupied by Satan.

Once a person has completely given over to the Devil, he/she controls the perfectly possessed person’s body, mind and soul, and ‘lives’ through them, controlling every minute of their life until they die. Only then is that person beyond god’s help but don’t fret there are sources to help those who want to be helped.

Here is a link to contact for help. I can’t speak for their work but it is a beginning and I am not affiliated with them in no way.


You may also email them @  enquiries@ghostinvestigationteam.uk


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how to Smudge property and people 

Crystals to Use for Protection 

The method that causes me the least stress, by far, is to place my right hand over my heart and nod once while smiling. This gesture is simple and friendly, and it allows me to take charge of my side of the introduction by showing the other person how I am comfortable interacting. I’ve found that people who have extended a hand to shake mine are quick to “switch gears” (in the friendly sense!) when I set this example.

Before I began using the hand-over-heart gesture, people would often interpret my discomfort at shaking hands as many things. With the best of intentions, these people would then try to find some other innocent way to touch me in greeting: a fist bump, a touch to the arm, or even a hug! Since these forms of contact are as unpleasant to me as handshakes, they caused me to show similar tension in response, and I’m afraid that my reaction reaffirmed any unfriendly first impression that my response to the handshake conveyed.

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The History of the Handshake


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