A letter To My Disgruntled Readers- My Dearest Friend or Foe

A letter To My Disgruntled Readers-

My dearest friend or foe ,for years, I’ve been writing blogs , books and trying to educate those who are on a similar path as mine with hypothyroidism. Lately, there’s been something very deep nudging at my very core screaming to come out. I finally decided to let it seep out of my fingertips into this blog. When I began writing about hypothyroidism, I knew it was a uncharted territory. My mindset was to search the truth, share my experiences and write compelling articles. The more I write, the more polished I become to develop my palate and skill-set. I have found something that I deeply care about and its worth every-bit of cherishing.

While I am grateful for every reader, we may not always agree but keep one thing in mind, you don’t own me, you don’t pay me and you certainly won’t have control over my life. You also don’t have to read my work and you can keep scrolling right along. If you want to rant against my premised writings or post a rebuttal, I say, go for it. I write from the heart and share my truth. No one has been “forced” to read me. I’ve realized that the people who get angry about the content that I write will never buy books, anyway. You must analyze your own truths and form your own in idea’s.

I’m pro-love, pro-truth, pro-freedom, pro-health, pro-proactivity, pro-awareness, pro-critical thinking, pro-problem solving, pro-kindness, pro compassion, pro-humanity, pro-nature, pro-open mindedness, pro-curiosity, pro-connection. Those values make me feel pretty good actually. It doesn’t upset me to be anti-authoritarianism, anti-coercion, anti-brainwashing, anti-fearmongering, anti-lying, and anti-confinement.

This Entitlement Mentality that our society has created is a load of crock. What I express in my blogs are purely my views and opinions from the research and readings that I’ve done. I do not claim to have the absolute entire truth; this is simply what I have concluded at this moment in my life.

You can keep your thoughtless one-sided opinions because you will gain no power with me. In the end, you will only create anger and frustration within yourself. Maybe something happened in your childhood where you feel the need to lash out and try to gain some sort of power over people with your hurtful words and rants.

At some point, I don’t know where you thought it was okay to blame me for your mishaps but you need to take personal responsibility for your shit. As each passing day goes, I continue to learn. As each passing day goes, I continue to grow. We all have our very own skills and talents that we have to offer the world. I encourage you to find yours and stop being ugly to others because you are not where you want to be in life.

Let’s get on thing straight.

I’m not trying to sell you health. I am trying to open your eyes and give you a purpose to start being healthy. There is no such thing as something for nothing. Many people don’t listen to their bodies. If you are constantly putting the wrong gas in your car is will start to eventually break down. Your body is the same way. One of the most common failures is the habit of quitting.

Don’t allow this type of failure of defeat to trick you into quitting.

You are worth great health.

You have the abundance of good health within your reach.

Being healthy is a state of mind.

When you start to realize that the food you eat, the products you use and the way you live all talk to your DNA. Once you realize that you have a choice to change and you want to change you will change. You will start to read labels, you will think about what you’re eating, how it was made and will it benefit your body.


No! Not at all.

Being healthy does come from those with a healthy conscious. You and you alone must decide whether or not good health is important. Is good health worth the effort? You see we are wiping ourselves out. It seems with all the bad choices we are ultimately preparing ourselves for our own final destruction’s. We often do choose badly but it’s our choice to do so.

The diet industry is a load of bullshit. Eat less, exercise more doesn’t work.

None of us should be on the same eating plan.

Why? We are all different.

Many Blessings,


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