How I used Covid 2020 Isolation For My Own Self Start Analysis

Image may contain: text that says '"Millions of people never analyze themselves. Mentally they are mechanical products of the factory of their environment, preoccupied with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, working and sleeping, and going here and there to be entertained. They don't know what or why they are seeking, nor why they never realize complete happiness and lasting satisfaction By evading self-analysis, people go on being robots conditioned by their environment. True self-analysis is the greatest art of progress."'

‘Self-analysis’ needs a lot of patience. In this age where most of the people are looking for instant gratification, patience is something that most of us are missing. Hence to why most people never do any self-analysis. It can be very painful looking in the mirror and coming to the realization that you are in control of your own destiny.

Humans seem afraid to look to closely at themselves or their lives. We always are looking for distractions or things to keep us busy?

It is a very difficult thing to do, be honest about one’s reflection. Admitting to yourself that your life is your own fault and to know without guilt, that you did do that ”thing” and cannot go back, or accept that for what it is.

Acknowledging your thoughts and behaviors by not judging them as good or bad. Start being aware of what you are doing right now and why are you doing it.

Mindfulness is the key.

Is this what I want to be doing or am I acting on impulse? Questions soemtimes act like a shock tactic to your emotions.

The question interiors the emotion and allows logic to kick in, by focusing on the questions your brain gets a chance to rationalize.

Therefore, why not start asking yourself questions?

Why do I do this?

Where did this behavior originate?

Is this what I really want to be doing right now?

Is this behavior conducive to my “goals”?

Try to seperate “yourself” from you behaviors and you will be able to analyze them without “painting” yourself with judgement.

Like a therapist, when you tell them something they will usually respond with a question, why do you think that is?

How does this make me feel?

Be honest with yourself and TAKE time to be absolutely honest with yourself.

Your soul knows what to do, the trick is to silence the mind.

Never in a quiet place alone, just to think.

There’s also a wisdom in simple acceptance, just letting things be what they are without picking them apart to death and without the constant self analysis. Stop the act of self obsession. Humans are the only species that do this.

It’s because we are presumably the only ones with an ego.

People are happy being asleep. Being “woke” is not enjoyable because you see what is really going on. I don’t blame people for staying ignorant. It’s just that eventually it will kill us.

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