How Powerful Self-Published Authors Sell More Books Without Begging Social Followers

You know how rock stars love hearing a packed stadium, I love seeing a multicultural audience reading my articles.

I have a crush on my captive followers. Not many writers can say that. I honestly fall in love with my audience.

I understand Readers want self-serving content.

There is a new literary and artistic flowering  of the lifetime value of the customer tangling a reader.

I’m honest and genuine about my work

I give. I give some more. I give until it hurts. Then I ask.

There’s little more that will annoy any reader than begging them to buy your book or books. Social followers want to know more about the writer and their process — maybe her sources of inspiration and what she wore for a dinner party.

What your followers don’t sign up for is a bunch of book begging.

“Hey, buy my new book”

“Hey folks, look at me! I have a book”

“Buy. My. Book!”

Promotional techniques like that, work about as well as the transient employee, standing on the corner, with one of those spinning arrow signs, aiming it towards the failing furniture store.

So, here we are. We’ve built a large following (or we’re trying to build a large following). We hang out where our readers hang out. We’ve spent all this time to grow a following and how are we supposed to sell books?

We can pay a bunch of money and gamble with advertising.

Social ads work very well for many businesses, but the cost per lead must be less than the lifetime value of the customer. Books are a low-cost purchase. Our ads must hit perfectly if we want to sell books using ads.

Most social ads lose money on the first purchase.

This means, if you don’t have a back catalog for the reader to buy, soon after buying the advertised book, it’s likely you’ll lose your with advertising.

So, what’s an Self published author supposed to do?

We’re in charge of every aspect of our book business. If we don’t promote our work we won’t move books. If ads are a gamble (i.e. you’re not sure what you’re doing), and we can’t beg our social followers to buy books, what are we supposed to do?

Email is the Self publishers friend

With email, not only do you have a captive audience, but you reach one-hundred percent of your subscribers every time you send an email (technically). There’s no email algorithm that sends only a percentage of your email to subscribers (as social media does).

Not all your email will be opened, but at least every subscriber gets the option to open them.

With email, the message is personal (when done well), although emails are sent from one to many. We write each message as if we’re speaking to a reader over coffee.

The process is measured.

Every new reader gets the same tested experience as the next. Instead of tangling a reader in the middle of wherever they scroll through our social profile, when someone subscribes to our email list they get a measured dose of experiences.

This doesn’t mean we ask readers to buy our books in every email, but we involve them in the process. We invite them into our fray. If we’re honest and genuine about our work, a percentage will join our tribe. And a percentage of the tribe will buy our books.

We give. We give some more. We give until it hurts. Then we ask.

There’s no secret to the relationship. Your readers won’t be surprised when you ask them to buy your work. It’s the way we ask that makes or breaks the relationship with readers.

Readers want self-serving content.

If they appreciate how much your content benefits them, they will also buy a certain percentage of your books.

Think of your valuable email content as a pizza. Every time you give your reader a reader-serving, entertaining, valuable piece of content — you hand her a slice. Once she’s got at least three slices of pizza on her side, it’s time for an ‘ask.’ Each ask takes a slice.

You never want to be in a pizza deficit with your reader.

You don’t have to give all the time and never ask. This trains your readers to assume you’ll give everything away for free, forever. They’ll resent infrequent asks.

But if you use the pizza slice method, you’ll give and ask in measured amounts.

Email no longer trades hours for dollars. Instead of spending all our available time posting on social and having all that work become obsolete the second we post it — we can write an email once and use it forever.

We give. We give. We give a little more. We ask.

Create a blog to talk about your book topic.

Creating a blog to talk about y our book topic is very unique. It allows you to become one on one with the reader.

1. Write your best book

2. Build your “platform” 

3. Relentlessly pursue book reviews and exposure

4. Promote your book

5. Think about your target audience

6. Tell your readers a bit about you

7. Create bookmarks, posters, postcards and business cards

8. Optimise your book details on Amazon so readers can find it when they search or browse

9.Start a blog

Blogging is a great way to attract followers to your topic or subject. And you have the ultimate advantage – writing is your skill! Many businesses employ people just like you to fill their own blog pages. So make your blog the third page you add to your website.

You’re probably thinking – what will I write about?

Be creative. Update your readers on the progress of your next book. Share a photo of a writing or networking event you’ve been to. Give out a teaser of your next character. The aim is to keep connecting with your readers on a regular basis.

Try to add a new post once or twice a week. It’s a great way to get interesting, is my blog.

thehypothyroidismchick | Healing Hypothyroidism

10.Learn from the most popular books in your genre-what sells them.

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