To jab or not to jab? A letter to my grandchildren

Dear Grandchildren,

Some days ago I woke up to the announcement that Covid vaccinations are to be offered to all 16- and 17-year-olds, to ‘allow antibodies to build before the start of the autumn term on September 1’.

Two of you were invited some time ago to roll up your sleeves, and one of you accepted that invitation: perhaps because your job demanded it, perhaps in the belief that you would be protecting others from an illness which you’ve been taught for months on end to fear above all else. Now two more of you are being asked to decide for or against the vaccines. Within a few months another of you will follow, and soon after that yet another. Before the year is out, age restrictions may be lowered still further and the rest of you will also be recruited in the campaign to ‘get needles into arms’. So I’m writing you this letter.

You’re being asked to make a decision which may affect your life and health far into the future, and it’s important for you to be fully informed of all the facts before coming to that decision. However, some of the most important facts are being played down, ignored or even censored by the government and the media, so I’d like to be sure that you’re aware of them. If you’ve done some research for yourself, well and good. If you haven’t, the information that follows may help you weigh up the risks and benefits. This information is strictly factual, not a matter of opinion. You can check the facts for yourselves by clicking on the links I’ve given.

Firstly, you need to know that the vaccines being pressed upon you have not been fully tested. Moderna won’t complete Phase III clinical trials until October 2022, Pfizer and Astrazeneca until early in 2023. This means that they’re still in the experimental stage. Normally a vaccine will undergo testing for some five to ten years before being approved. Sometimes testing will continue for even longer. The Covid vaccines were released in less than a year, for emergency use only. They are still subject to intensive monitoring under the Black Triangle label, so there’s no guarantee of their short-term, let alone medium- or long-term, safety. For someone of your age, with years of life before you, this must be an important consideration. Is it wise to accept a treatment which may have unforeseeable consequences at some future date? Some scientists believe, for instance, that the vaccines may affect fertility or cause birth defects. You may think that doesn’t matter. I would have too when I was your age. Over time, viewpoints change.

Secondly, these vaccines are already resulting in very high reports of death and injury. As of Tuesday (August 17) the UK government’s own Yellow Card data records 342,014 separate reports listing 1,135,579 adverse reactions, including 1,559 deaths, closely following upon vaccination. Things are much the same in the EU and in the US. 

You may be told that the Yellow Card data should be disregarded because the reports haven’t been officially checked. This is misleading. Yes, these reports have been volunteered by people who may be mistaken in linking a change in their health to the vaccines. However, vaccine adverse reactions are routinely under-reported rather than over-reported. Reports of problems arising soon after receiving the Covid vaccines are already far, far greater than usual. For the record, a vaccine is usually withdrawn well before it notches up deaths in three figures. When 45million Americans were vaccinated against swine flu in 1976, the vaccine was withdrawn after 53 deaths. If only 100 of the alleged 1,559 post-vaccination deaths in the UK can be directly attributed to the vaccines, the roll-out should already have been stopped. Why, instead, are the suspect ‘jabs’ being offered to more and more people? Why are they being offered to you?

Thirdly, the vaccines you’re being asked to accept don’t do what you probably expect them to do. Most of us assume that when we’ve been vaccinated against a particular disease we won’t get it ourselves and we won’t pass it on to other people. ‘Stop the spread!’ has been the driving force behind the campaign to ‘get shots into arms’. However, the Covid vaccines weren’t designed to stop the spread. They haven’t been tested with a view to preventing infection by the virus or stopping transmission of the virus. They’ve been tested only to see if they can reduce the severity of symptoms if you’re unlucky enough to get a bad case of Covid. Since they weren’t designed to do what vaccines are supposed to do, it would be more accurate to call them medications.

Fourthly, now that the dust has settled, it has become clear that Covid isn’t by any means as dangerous as we were told in February 2020. For months now, doctors all over the world have been successfully treating patients with combinations of drugs which have long safety records and which are proving both cheaper and more effective than the emergency ‘vaccines’. Early treatment at home by a competent professional, they say, can bring most people through Covid safely, and ease the pressure on hospitals.

Lastly, these aren’t only experimental medications (that is, still in the trial phase). They employ a novel technology. Unlike traditional vaccines, they don’t encourage immunity by introducing a weak dose of the infective agent to your body. Instead, they actually induce the cells of your body to produce that infective agent, in order to raise an immune response against it. Already many reputable scientists and doctors are relating the types of adverse reactions that are being reported directly to this novel technology. For instance Dr Peter McCullough, one of the world’s leading heart specialists, points to links between the vaccines and numerous cases of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) in young men and boys.  Though most of the patients recover, scarring may occur, causing permanent damage to the heart.

Another doctor, Charles Hoffe, a practising GP in British Columbia for 28 years, became worried when a number of his patients reported troubling side-effects after vaccination. He believes that the Covid vaccines are causing microscopic blood clots which result in permanent damage to non-regenerating organs: the brain, heart, lungs and spinal cord. This theory is now on the way to being confirmed, with the help of volunteers who agree to take a D-Dimer test within a week of receiving the vaccines. To date, the D-Dimer test has shown that the clotting mechanism was activated in 62 per cent of previously clot-free volunteers. Dr Hoffe is continuing these tests, with greater numbers involved, and states that D-Dimer tests in Australia and the UK have produced similar results. This suggests that blood clotting after the Covid vaccinations is not limited to large clots, and is not rare. Although in most cases the clots are too small to cause an immediate health crisis, Dr Hoffe believes they are likely to result in significant problems within two to three years. 

To sum up: you’re young and healthy; you’re at virtually no risk from Covid. Experience of other coronaviruses may already have made you immune, but if you do have the illness in the future, you will probably hardly notice it, and vaccination certainly won’t prevent you spreading it to others. In any case, we now know that the disease is treatable. On the other hand, the many reports of death and injuries on the Yellow Card system are warning us that we know far too little about the novel vaccines to be confident that they’re safe, especially for people like you, who are young enough for unforeseeable complications to affect your life disastrously in the years ahead.

There are other things, unconnected with your health, which may influence your decision. The government is giving you a powerful message that, if you refuse the vaccine, your opportunities will be painfully restricted. You may not be able to travel. You may not be able to go clubbing. You may not be able to go on to higher education or find a job.

Understandably, the urgency of these considerations may weigh more with you at the moment than any care for some vague future threat to your health or your ability to have a family.

Or perhaps, if you take the time to think things over, you may just find yourself asking why, when it is now clear that Covid can be effectively treated by tried and trusted methods outside hospital, while evidence regarding the vaccines urges caution, your government are so keen to blackmail you into overcoming any ‘vaccine hesitancy’ as the price for being allowed to live a full life.

You have a hard choice to make. God bless you all, and help you to make it wisely.

With love,


1. The vaccines haven’t even completed clinical trials (2023)

2. By definition NO long term testing can have take place (avg period from inception to ful auth – 12.5 years)

3. No testing on animals has taken place. Previous attempts at SARS-COVID vaccines all faltered at this point, as a result of ADE – Antibody-Dependent Enhancement, which can kill you with a cytokine storm.

4. The spike protein being introduced into your body (not mine, you must be ******* joking) is extremely toxic (well’ it’s the part of the virus that attacks you). Contrary to what was originally stated, they do not remain in the shoulder but spread all over the body to organs which clearly – witness the mammoth numbers of ADRs – they damage. Heart, Brain, Spleen, Ovaries. Down the line I expect to see serious numbers of neurological conditions arise from this.

5) it decreased your own immune system by 35%

6) Antibody dependent enhancement. It tricks the entire body into believing that the cell that is eating the pathogen when it isn’t. it leads up to a cytokine storm then leads to organ failure.

7) Everyone who has taken the jab is blood clotting. Take a d-dimer test.

8) If you get your own children vaxxed with this new shot you will sterilize them

9) You are also injected yourself with the equivalent of HIV

10) You can no longer donate blood, blood plasma, organs , breastfeed, nor bone marrow. if you don’t believe me- go try!

One should also add that nobody has been warned of the potential dangers of this experiment. Ergo, the Nuremberg Convention has been multiply breached, medical ethics thrown out of the window, and the modern Hippocratic Oath, “First do no harm” abandoned.

May those responsible rot in hell.

The industry for profit over people is mean, nasty, greedy, and sinister. Everything I feared is true.

There is a war raging against humanity and our earth.  We have been passively indoctrinated and so utterly pre-programmed that we do not ask the questions that need to ask. We have laid our trust completely in those in power or someone with a title behind their name. People conditioned blindly believing in things simply because enough people assured us it was true. Infectious diseases have been irradiated but chronic diseases are the new black plague of our modern time. This book is profoundly personal as it represents a mission brimming with meaning.  As I reflect on extraordinary truths about our nation’s health history, current, and future, I also offer you wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. We must stop the atrocities if we want to become a healthier nation in the future. We must stop the atrocities if we want the human race to survive. I hope my voice and advocacy will continue to help lead the way and this book will make changes for current and future generations to come. No, I simply do not have all the answers but I have written plenty in this book to make you start questioning EVERYTHING.

What you are about to discover is terrifying.

Poisoned Profit

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Hippocrates was right when he said: Let they food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.

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