The Metaverse – No Substitute For The Real World

he Metaverse – No Substitute For The Real WorldBy Alexander RiceThe dark forces want to disconnect us from our true divine connection with nature. This is why they are building artificial worlds (the metaverse), which attempt to replicate the natural world. They are going to attempt to make these virtual worlds as life-like and convincing as they possibly can. They will add increasing sensory inputs, to trick the body and the mind into thinking that this virtual reality is indistinguishable from the real thing.

As the Facebook frontman himself said in his keynote presentation unveiling the metaverse (which I recommend everyone watch to see what world they have planned): ’’In the next five or 10 years, a lot of this is going to be mainstream and a lot of us will be creating and inhabiting worlds that are just as detailed and convincing as this one on a daily basis.

’’As we have seen, with films like Avatar, we can be transported into a digital landscape that offers a much desirable escape from the harshness of reality. Those with an active imagination, a bitterness towards reality or simply a yearning for a more magical life, will invariably succumb to the enticement that these digital realms of fantasy have to offer.

These virtual worlds will seemingly offer more than the real world. This is only because our real world has been corrupted and pillaged, not least by the same people trying to usher us into their digital replica. Our planet is no longer the paradise it once was. Earth’s original divine template is so infinitely vast and beautiful, that there would never be a need or desire to look elsewhere for a ‘better life’. This is why the dark forces are trying to turn our planet into a dystopia. They want people literally begging for an escape, which will then be offered through digital means. This simulacra of reality will be so vivid, colourful and visually alluring, that those who have succumbed to this perception deception, will have less of a desire to explore the real world, feeling that it does not live up to the appeal of its digital replica. In the metaverse keynote presentation video, we can see how they are attempting to create a ‘virtual paradise’ (crystal blue waters, exotic marine life, paradise islands etc).

Whilst this metaverse goes from strength to strength, the dark forces will simultaneously continue to destroy the natural world, as much as they possibly can. One only needs to look at the alarming extinction of species and destruction of our rainforests, to see this agenda in motion. They want to replace nature with a concrete jungle and usher the global population into dystopian Smart cities, shrouded in a dense low-vibrational electromagnetic grid and hooked into a virtual world. These harmful frequencies are destructive to our natural human biology and nature itself.

The matrix overlords have no care for the natural world, they simply want to dominate it. They want us so immersed and distracted by the virtual world, so they can then more easily buy up and take control of the natural resources. This gives them the real wealth and power. This is what they mean by; ‘you will own nothing and be happy’. People will be so consumed by their desire for virtual goods (hence the propagation and increasing popularity of NFTs) that they will barely notice, nor care that the tangible real world resources are being stolen from under their nose.

Those who fall for the bait and opt for a life immersed in an artificial world, will have no idea just what freedoms they have sacrificed for the sake of mere entertainment and mindless pleasure.

The virtual world will be nothing like the real world. It will come with conditions. Those who own the metaverse ultimately have control over those who choose to inhabit it. They will dictate what people can and cannot do, where they can and cannot go, what they can or cannot buy or sell and who they can or cannot commune with. Digital identities will be created, which will be tied to social credit scores. Compliance will be rewarded and disobedience punished.

The extent to which this artificial world grows, is contingent upon us. The metaverse requires we the people to build it (as repeatedly outlined in the metaverse keynote presentation). This is why we must stop feeding the beast.

I strongly encourage disconnecting more frequently from the online world and spending more time immersed in the natural world. Nature is free. It does not discriminate. It does not come with conditions.

It is important we reestablish our innate connection to the natural world, from which we were birthed. Become intimate with nature. Get in touch with all your senses. Breathe fresh, unpolluted air. Commune with the animals. Absorb yourself in the natural elements. Spend time alone in the wilderness. Here you will find a beauty, authenticity, safety and freedom that no virtual substitute can replicate.

No matter how life-like the virtual world may appear, it will never replace the depth of sensory feeling that comes from an authentic connection with the real world. As much as they want to, it is impossible for these parasitic forces to replicate creation, especially since they lack creativity and can only piggyback off the creative abilities of those with the divine-spark endowed upon us.

Creation, in its infinite expressions, is so complex and vast that no amount of intellect or technology can come close to emulating it. The beauty of our natural world is an expression of a divine benevolence, which is the antithesis of those seeking to dominate and control others through their deceptive technology.

Instead of trying to escape to a virtual world, how about we put our focus in trying to restore balance and harmony to the one we currently inhabit. The choices we make now will echo through eternity.

I know which reality I choose. ~ Alexander Rice Art: Bratishko Constantin

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A Women’s Holistic Holy Grail Handbook for Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s: How I healed my Hypothyroidism and Autoimmune Disorder with Personalized Nutrition

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Hippocrates was right when he said: Let they food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.

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