From the Author: New Book: The HypothyroidismChick’s Protocol: How to get out of survival mode Tip #4- Household Chemicals

Household Chemicals-

The diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease has failed nearly 59 million people. Our bodies are completely bombarded and overwhelmed with the constant exposure to toxic chemicals.

As for household cleaning products, items such as liquid castile soap, food grade hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice are safe alternatives and will get most jobs done. I also like to use essential oils. Now, all essentials oils are not created the same. I prefer to use essential oil brands that provide the purest quality of oils. I notice that many brands will brag about the quality and the purity of their oils but always remember that 100% pure authentic essential oils will have a positive effect on your body. Here are a few companies that I have used and they are not in any certain order. Doterra, Young living, Naturally Made Essentials, Plant Therapy Essential oils, Rocky Mountain Oils and Saje Wellness. You can’t go wrong with any of these brands.

They are certainly much safer than their endocrine disrupting commercial counterparts. I will give you several recipes for non-toxic cleaning alternatives and if you’re interested in learning more about this new way of life. You can find many more recipes in my book Awareness has Magic or on my blog’s webpage The only reason why I am not putting all the recipes in this book is because frankly it would end up being a 1,000-page book.       

If you can’t make your own products try to look for products that are made by companies that are Earth-friendly, animal-friendly, green, non-toxic and/or 100% organic. I apply this to everything from food, my personal care products, building materials, carpeting, paint, baby items, upholstery and anything that can have a direct impact on my life.

Did you know that it takes 26 seconds for the chemicals to enter into your bloodstream? The real reality is we are damaging our DNA and we are changing our genetic makeup for future generations. There was a study a few years back that said the umbilical cord of an average American baby has over 200 known chemicals in it. Eighty percent of the common chemicals that are used daily in this country, we know almost nothing about. Our children are being born toxic and we have no idea if these toxins are already doing some sort of damage their brains, their immune system, their reproductive system, and any other developing organs. Are we unknowingly setting ourselves up for failure in the womb, even before birth?

    Scientists and researchers are concerned that many of these chemicals may be carcinogenic or wreak havoc with our hormones, our body’s regulating system.

    Most products have a warning label that is typed in bold “Keep out of Reach of Children”.  As consumers, we believe that if our children don’t ingest these products they will not be harmed by them. This can be far from the truth. Think about other common methods of exposure are through the skin and our respiratory tract. WE are along with our children are often in contact with the chemical residues housecleaning products do leave behind, by crawling, lying and sitting on the freshly cleaned floor.

    Scientists at Norway’s University of Bergen tracked 6,000 people, with an average age of 34 at the time of enrollment in the study, who used the cleaning products over a period of two decades, according to the research published in the American Thoracic Society’s American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

    These chemicals can chemicals bind together.

    Exposure to phthalates has been associated with lower IQ levels.

    These chemicals can also be found in the shampoos, conditioners, body sprays, hair sprays, perfumes, make up, cleaning supplies, colognes, soap and nail polish that we use.

    The results follow a study by French scientists in September 2017 that found nurses who used disinfectants to clean surfaces at least once a week had a 24 percent to 32 percent increased risk of developing lung disease.

     Scientists and researchers are concerned that many of these chemicals may be carcinogenic or wreak havoc with our hormones, our body’s regulating system.

    It’s not enough to be aware of all the outdoor chemicals that we are exposed to everyday but inside our homes we can have more power and control. We have to be more aware about using chemical cleaners, paints, glues, body lotions, toothpastes, underarm deodorants, hair products and pesticides. Instead start to begin to use products that don’t pollute our very own bodies. We must read labels, make our own products and do our own research. I can’t stress this enough. We must take a stand for our health. Stop using commercial products that are laced with unknown and harmful body damaging products.

    You can reduce your exposure to them by eating organic foods, making your own cleaning chemicals and using alternative pest control methods.

While you begin to start reading labels and researching the ingredients in the products that you are interested in buying, think about this. If you can’t pronounce it or if you don’t have an idea what it is? Do you think our body knows what it is and how to eliminate the toxin, where to store or what to do with it? Our body is a great piece of brilliantly put together machinery but even machines have their “head scratching moments” and don’t understand the directions that are given.

    Vanilla grapefruit linen spray

    2-1/2 cups filtered water

    3 drops pink grapefruit essential oil

    2 drops vanilla essential oil

    1/4 cup vodka (any brand of vodka will do)

    The vodka helps the water dry quickly after you spray it on your linens. Theses essential oils that are used create a beautifully fresh vanilla grapefruit scent that is perfect for a summer pick me up. This spray is very versatile. It can be used on clothing, fabric furniture, or even as a quick air freshener.

    If the vodka smell is slightly strong just add another drop or two of essential oil.

    Always shake the bottle be before spraying on your linen.

Natural Citrus Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap

    1/2 cup Dr. Bonners Liquid Castile Soap

    1/2 cup distilled water

    1 TB vitamin E oil

    1 TB sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, olive oil or jojoba oil

    5 drops lemon essential oil

    5 drops On Guard essential oil

    In a Mason jar or recycled soap dispenser, add the water first (to prevent bubbles) then the liquid castile soap, followed by the oils. Shake the ingredients together.

    Shake the soap dispenser before using, then squirt a small amount on your hands as needed, rinsing with water.

Tub & Tile Cleaner

    1 /4 cup baking soda

    1/4 cup lemon juice

    Or 10 drops of lemon essential oil

    3 Tablespoons Epsom salt

    3 Tablespoons Sal Suds or Castile liquid soap

    1/2 cup white vinegar

    Pour the vinegar into the bottle, followed by the baking soda and Epsom salt. Shake the bottle to combine the ingredients. Add the Sal suds gently shaking the bottle to combine. Mix all ingredients in a bottle with a sealable lid.

    Scrub and then rinse with water and wet clean rag. 

Toilet Bowl Cleaner with hydrogen peroxide

        1/4 to 1/2 cup Hydrogen Peroxide

    1 cup Baking Soda

    3 – 5 drops Essential Oils (Lemon, Lavender, Tea Tree, thieves or Clove are great choices to disinfect and freshen the air)

1/2 cup castile soap

    Sprinkle all ingredients around the toilet bowl; hydrogen peroxide first, then baking soda, last the essential oil. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes. Scrub and then rinse well

Bathroom Mold disinfecting spray

You don’t have to grab bleach to get rid of mold in your bathroom. This 3 combo all natural mixture will do the trick.  I will spray the areas in my bathroom and leave it on for 10 minutes and wipe the moldy areas away. Vodka might be a little bit pricey but you won’t be breathing in toxic chemicals or having to worry about your skin absorbing a list of toxic chemicals.  Vinegar is naturally antimicrobial, tea tree is natural fungicide which can eliminate any mold or mildew problems and kills black mold spores! Don’t forget to label your spray bottle with a black permanent marker.

1 cup of white vinegar

1 cup of vodka

10 drops of tea tree oil

No need to dilute any of this mixture. Place all the ingredients in a spray bottle and label it bathroom mold killer. Mix well.  Spray onto hard surfaces where mold and mildew are growing and let this amazing combo do its cleaning. You’ll still have to scrub a bit, but with repeated use this all-natural cleaner will kill the fungus and help to prevent future growth. Shake each time before use.

Bathroom Cleaner

    3 tsp baking soda

    1 TBSP of washing soda (optional)

     8 oz. very hot water

    1 TBSP Sal Suds

    About 1 cup room temperature water

    ¼ tsp lemon essential oil

    ½ tsp orange essential oil

    10 drops cinnamon leaf essential oil

    ¼ tsp clove essential oil

    OR 1 tsp of a “thieves” essential oil instead of these other blends

    16 oz. glass spray bottle

   Pour the baking soda, washing soda and hot water in the spray bottle, then the hot water. Close the lid on the bottle, and shake well until the powder dissolves. Remove the cap and then add the Sal Suds and essential oils. Fill the remainder of the bottle with water until the bottle is almost full, making sure to leave room for the sprayer lid. Give it another shake to combine the mixture and spray on the area you want to clean.  Always use a clean cloth or sponge when cleaning.

Non-abrasive soft scrubber

    1/4 cup baking soda

    1 teaspoon liquid castile soap or Sal Suds

    1/2 teaspoon lemon essential oil

Mix the baking soda with just enough soap to form a creamy paste. Add the lemon oil and combine well. Put a small amount of this mixture onto a sponge, wash the surface, and then rinse well.

Easy Floor cleaner

1 cup of white vinegar

1 tablespoon of Sal Suds or dawn detergent as shown in the photo

1 cup of baking soda

2 gallons of very warm water

Mix in a bucket and always use a clean mop.

Wood Floor Cleaner and Polish

If you also want to give your floors a good polish, as well as a scrub, this might be the floor cleaner for you.

1-gallon hot water

3/4 cup of olive oil

1/2 cup lemon juice

All-purpose cleaner

2 tbsp. baking soda

4 tbsp. white vinegar

1.5 cups of water

Place all ingredients in bucket. I’m sure you know this but I always sweep away any dirt on your floors first. I always use clean mop. Make sure it you can’t damage your floors. All floors are not created equal. I would test a small area 1st. It hasn’t damaged any of my floors and I always have wood.  Don’t forget to label with a black permanent marker.

The HypothyroidismChick’s Protocol: How I beat Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s using clean Keto principles and Holistic functional Medicine

Navigating Medicare should not be feel like a maze but it can be a complicated and confusing process. The amount of anecdotal information concerning choices for Medicare coverage can be difficult to filter.  I want to help you learn and understand the basic Medicare benefits from the federal government that you are entitled to and have earned as a worker here in the United States. Medicare is complex, and it can often feel overwhelming when you’re learning about Medicare and shopping around for coverage for the first time.  Medicare faces a number of important issues and challenges, perhaps none greater than providing affordable, quality care to an aging population while keeping the program financially secure for future generations. My goal is always the same with everyone or when I am simply writing an article for publication.  I want to provide helpful information about Medicare and protect you from unnecessary spending costs. Those already in Medicare or aging into Medicare should be treated with courtesy, dignity and respect at all times. Of course, I won’t be able to answer all the questions in one simple book with only 25 of the most commonly asked questions.

This book is meant to help you sift through some of the noise to get the information you need.

The best overall quick reference guide to understanding your Medicare options.
In this book, you will learn numerous need-to-know gems. Many people are unaware of the dangers that fall at their feet when they decide to retire. If you are not prepared, you can be penalized tremendously. It is shocking what may lay ahead after you have worked all these years paying your taxes as a good American citizen. Try not to be fooled or dismayed! As a licensed agent, I was absolutely shocked at what may lie ahead for our precious seniors. The snowballing effect of these penalties for Part A, Part B, and Part D can really add up to a lot of money. If you do not figure out a plan, it can consume an entire chunk of your social security benefit payment.

BONUS ADD-ON **** Hilarious Jokes for the Elderly

Telling jokes to friends is a great way to get a laugh if the joke is funny enough and reaches the right audience. I certainly hope these jokes tickle your funny bones because the experience of aging is universal.

(Click on title link to order)

Nativagating the Medicare Maze: Simple Tips and 25 Most Commonly Asked Questions

Audrey Childers is a published author, blogger, freelance journalist and an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in research and editorial writing. She is also the creator and founder of the website the Where you can find great tips on everyday living with hypothyroidism. She enjoys raising her children and being a voice for optimal human health and wellness. She is the published author of : A survivors cookbook guide to kicking hypothyroidism booty, Reset your ThyroidThe Ultimate guide to healing hypothyroidism and  A survivors cookbook guide to kicking hypothyroidism booty: the slow cooker way. You can find all these books on Amazon.   This blog may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement. is dedicated to covering health and science news that matters most to our generation. We cover a wide range of stories, but ultimately we are driven by two core values: first, to contribute to our readers’ understanding of what is a very complex and constantly changing field of information, and second, to keep in mind the ultimate “smell test” — we want our stories to be the kind of things you talk about at a bar with your friends. determines coverage based on relevance, clinical significance, and editorial integrity. We give no priority to commercial considerations, and will always clearly distinguish between factual content, commentary, and opinions to avoid misleading readers with institutional propaganda. and speculation.

There is a war raging against humanity and our earth.  We have been passively indoctrinated and so utterly pre-programmed that we do not ask the questions that need to ask. We have laid our trust completely in those in power or someone with a title behind their name. People conditioned blindly believing in things simply because enough people assured us it was true. Infectious diseases have been irradiated but chronic diseases are the new black plague of our modern time. This book is profoundly personal as it represents a mission brimming with meaning.  As I reflect on extraordinary truths about our nation’s health history, current, and future, I also offer you wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. We must stop the atrocities if we want to become a healthier nation in the future. We must stop the atrocities if we want the human race to survive. I hope my voice and advocacy will continue to help lead the way and this book will make changes for current and future generations to come. No, I simply do not have all the answers but I have written plenty in this book to make you start questioning EVERYTHING.

What you are about to discover is terrifying.

Poisoned Profit

The Keto Autoimmune Protocol Healing Book for Women: Strengthen Your Immunity, Fight Inflammation and Love Your Incredible Body


A Women’s Holistic Holy Grail Handbook for Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s: How I healed my Hypothyroidism and Autoimmune Disorder with Personalized Nutrition

I hoped you’ve been enlightened and not frightened by my latest blog — A tale of recovery to save a woman who caught OCD, Hypothyroidism and an Autoimmune Disorder –

Please follow along with me on this journey of discovery as I share with you my brush of madness with exquisite clarity. Luckily, I was never a quick fix-it junkie where I said no to many suggestions from board certified or certifiable doctors because I felt it in my soul that it was merely a banaide being placed on my issues. The names of certain doctors have been changed because frankly, I don’t want to be sued for proven their lack in their field. 

Hippocrates was right when he said: Let they food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.


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