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From the Author:

We are in a war for the sake of all of humankind. Clean water, clean food, clean land, and clean air is something we should not have to demand. Forced vaccines, misrepresented disproportionately medications, media propaganda, and endorsed environmental toxins are something from a fictional Hollywood movie but unfortunately, it is our current America. They create hate among us individually; it makes their job so much easier.  Divide and conquer. Blinded by fake narratives to keep our attention away from the atrocities currently done to the American people.

It is every living being right on this planet to have a healthy planet but yet it is also humanity’s responsibility as one of the smartest species on the planet to not pillage, plunder and destroy this given privilege. Perhaps, evolution made a mistake allowing us humans to be the dominators over the animal kingdom.

They view us as disposable lab rats with a dollar sign attached to our ears like animals heading to slaughter.   

 Why do you believe what you believe? At some point in your life, you trusted the information that you learned and that person told you how to read the language that you speak, count numbers, and learn to spell. The things you learned help to form our perception of what we believed to be facts. You have listened to, read, and watched a ton of content from birth until now. Have you ever stopped and listened to the content that you are viewing? Motion pictures, television shows, social media, and the news are the world’s greatest forces for influencing the public’s thoughts and opinions. Think about a movie you seen like Jaws for example. Did that make you scared to go into the ocean? How about the movie Top Gun? Did you all of a sudden want to become a pilot and a freedom fighter for justice? Think about when you are listening to the radio while driving, on some sort of social media app, watching television, or watching a movie at the theaters; what are you listening too? One word. Programming. Since birth, we have been programmed by television shows, movies, music, games, and now social media. Our government has always controlled our content but we have never paid attention to it. Now, what if they did not have our best interests in mind. Would you change your views if you found out this to be true? The gatekeepers want to control us. Years of research has left a missing element in my quest for the truth. This desire for the answers is the reason why I must continue to seek it out. This is why I have become an alchemist by heart and by nature. There is a means to teach, transform the health of others, and to show people how to prolong their life. 

However, sharing my research was and always will be the intention of all my books. I find that the more I research, study, root for facts, the more questions come to the surface and I am thrown further into that proverbial rabbit hole.  Imagine driving a beautiful freshly washed red car with shiny rims down an old dusty, dry, dirt road on a hot summer’s afternoon that has not seen rain in months. I can see my destination in the distance but it seems like I have been driving for hours, the longer I drive, the more dust and fine sand swirl around my car like a terrible dust storm from the ground, and soon the luster coated completely in the fine powder of discovery.

Insanity has roamed through our nation far too long, cloistered in a proverbial dark closet sits all the answers when you decide to take that leap of faith into the unknown. The enormous influence of dictatorship that wields over the American people has to end. The early and ongoing stages of crimes against humanity must stop.     

I take it as a compliment when people say that I am a conspiracy theorist. You see, I have challenged what others deem as normal. I deeply research topics then I use logic and my very own critical thinking skills to form an educated opinion instead of blindly perceiving what to believe or pushed onto a hamster wheel.  

I certainly do not follow the “programming” that many are so very use to either.

The term “conspiracy Theorists” mentioned by the CIA with the means to discredit the claims of anyone who questioned what was going on and to discredit information from leaking out about their activities. Therefore, when you hear someone deemed as a “conspiracy theorist” you really would not take him or her seriously, because you have been programmed to think this way. I am a “conspiracy realist” who prefers to be known as a well-informed, free thinker, who bases her opinion on science and research. Who also keeps her eyes open to the world around. My name is A.L. Childers, and I am an internationally recognized published author, blogger, and a Holistic Health Coach.  My gift to the world is that I am a seeker for the truth, a patriot for justice, and an advocate for human health.  I have a voracious appetite for pulling back the curtain on topics.

Health is the foundation of life. Money and freedom do not mean a lot if you do not have a healthy planet nor healthy people to live on it. The power of freedom will transform lives but when people are sick, in bondage and repressed there is a limit to what they can achieve.

There needs to be a genuine shift in the American healthcare industry, the Food Industry, and the Chemical industry. It should begin with the entire establishment, our leaders who refuse to sway or waiver in their integrity for profit, our environment, our agricultural system, the environmental chemicals, personal care products, and the nutrient nutritional factors in which foods sold to the public. Our capitalistic America; the current corporate-dominated system of bureaucracy would not stand for such a major shift in changing their bottom dollar of profit over people.  

Americans simply will not ever start healing our health issues if we do not start fighting back, demanding change, and essentially begin to understand why people are struggling with more chronic disease, chronic pain, and more obese than ever before in the history of our beautiful county. I am proud to be an American. The song by Lee Greenwood always gives me chills, brings tears to my eyes, and when I sing it I feel it in every part of my being.      

After becoming critically ill with a “so-called” long-term condition.  I healed myself with research, knowledge, and courage (induced by our toxic food, metal loaded toxic vaccines, a chemically enhanced water system, and current “health” care system practice); it has become the most important mission for me to spread the word about how dispensable we are to our capitalistic culture. I became a warrior for truth, freedom, and health. Our survival needs to have access to eat clean wholesome foods, clean air, and to be able to move without pain. We should be able to thrive happily into old age without the need for assistance while the importance of not having to take medications daily or being forced with toxic injections.

I am offering you an olive branch of wisdom while you travel with me down the proverbial rabbit hole.  I do hope that I will plant a seed where you will become more aware if you are not already and start asking the questions, doing your research, and realizing exactly how America is the land of the sick. The visual propaganda that we have all been lead to believe is a complete lie. This whole charade is about creating more sickness, selling more drugs, and propping up a complete medical industry. We are being fed fake foods that are processed, chemically laced, and resemble real food along with slowly poisoned by our very own environment. 

There are higher powers that are controlling the narrative and they are brainwashing all of us.

 Now for their encore, pushing for forced vaccinations as soon as they rush one thru, another one soon is to follow and by the same ones who think that we are here for harvesting, debt bondage, and forced labor.    

As human beings, we have the unique capacity to make rational decisions about our everyday lives. Being an American, we have the freedom of choice and that is a great human right.

Let us re-write humanity’s health story in many more ways than one.

Mother Earth is sick and she is suffocating. 

Nature will always win in the end long after humanity has left this earth.

We have work to do!

The truth is “learned” and never told.

–A.L. Childers

May be an image of text that says 'Don't you think it's sad and odd that folks blame disease on heritage and genetics and not the proven fact that our food, water, and air are being systematically poisoned?'

The industry for profit over people is mean, nasty, greedy, and sinister. Everything I feared is true.

There is a war raging against humanity and our earth.  We have been passively indoctrinated and so utterly pre-programmed that we do not ask the questions that need to ask. We have laid our trust completely in those in power or someone with a title behind their name. People conditioned blindly believing in things simply because enough people assured us it was true. Infectious diseases have been irradiated but chronic diseases are the new black plague of our modern time. This book is profoundly personal as it represents a mission brimming with meaning.  As I reflect on extraordinary truths about our nation’s health history, current, and future, I also offer you wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. We must stop the atrocities if we want to become a healthier nation in the future. We must stop the atrocities if we want the human race to survive. I hope my voice and advocacy will continue to help lead the way and this book will make changes for current and future generations to come. No, I simply do not have all the answers but I have written plenty in this book to make you start questioning EVERYTHING.

What you are about to discover is terrifying.

Poisoned Profit

The Keto Autoimmune Protocol Healing Book for Women: Strengthen Your Immunity, Fight Inflammation and Love Your Incredible Body


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