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Genocide: The American Way

Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States (U.S). There are 251,000 deaths annually. Only 2% those who suffer from medical malpractice ever file claims for compensation this can come from incorrect dosages, misreading or ignoring laboratory results, unnecessary surgery, surgical errors or wrong-site surgery, the wrong diagnosis, improper medication or dosage, poor follow-up or aftercare, premature discharge or even disregarding or not reading about the patient medical history.  According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services,’ their annual report states that American households spent $980 billion on health care in 2017, which works out to more than $3,200 per person. This does not include other out of pocket expenses such as medications or other procedures that need performing.  

The United States spends more on health care than any other country in the world. Per capita, the U.S. spent $9,403. That is nearly double, what the other countries like Canada, Germany, Australia, the U.K., Japan, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Denmark have spent.

According to the researchers at the Harvard Chan School, which makes the U.S. costlier than other countries could be the inflated prices across the board.

Example: Here in the U.S., medications are more expensive. Doctors make more money. Hospital services and diagnostic tests cost more.  

Hospitals are not like businesses; They ARE a business.

Hospitals are no different. They are a health care institution that provides patients with various treatments. They must have a workable business model in place just like any functioning, successful American business; they must create a feasible business model plan that works to create and generate revenue along with making a profit from the institution operations by full filling a need within the marketplace. So how will they create a need in the marketplace? They do not have to because they are merely offering a supply and demand service. Others supply the means as in sickness and the demand for them appears created.    

Our current health care system focuses on symptoms rather than the root cause. Our current health care system should start focusing on what are the chronic condition indicators. What is causing these chronic conditions? Why in certain demographics they are sicker than others are?

For example, cancer cluster areas. The behavior habits of people do have a major impact on their very own health. Nonetheless, since Americans are slowly poisoned for profit then we need to figure out what preventive health steps that we must take to help heal not just “treat”.   

What if you discovered there are multiple cures for cancer and natural remedies to heal but it is deliberately suppressed since cancer is worth $160 billion per year profit for the industry?

Would you be outraged? You should be.  

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Poisoned Profit

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