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Welcome to the Hypothyroidism Family Kicking and Screaming

 It’s the scariest thing to walk into a room and completely forget why I walked in there in the first place or to be driving somewhere and completely space out for a moment forgetting where I am headed. My brain fog is so terrible at times that I’ve literally broken down and cried. Making mental notes is the thing of the past. I am constantly writing myself my very own honey-do list.

Waking up in the morning and never knowing what to expect. I have to treat each day like it’s a new day.  Will I have enough energy today to pull myself out of bed? Will I have enough energy to do the must needed things that need to be done or to play with my children? I do know if I don’t pace myself then the following day I will be beyond exhausted. Having hypothyroidism gives me good days and bad days, but mainly I feel as if the world is slowly passing me by.

This is invisible chronic illness that people can’t see and certainly don’t understand. It really bothers me when people view me as just being fat and lazy.  Sometimes, I wish, I could wear a sign that says,” I’m sick”.

I realize people can’t understand because they are not living my life. This daily battle of brain fog, complete body fatigue, hair thinning, heart palpitations, extremely dry skin,   racing heart rate and aches and pains. It feels as if my bones actually ache on some days. If you can imagine that?

All the years that my doctors pushed anti-depressants down my throat and I refused each time. I am not depressed “I KEPT SHOUTING”!! There is something more going on with my body that apparently you don’t understand and don’t have the skill-set to understand or were they just greedy-money hungry liars who were trying to keep me uneducated where I would remain sick, in doing so their bottom dollar wasn’t affected because I had no choice but to keep coming back? Was that too harsh for me to say?

My anxiety isn’t a normal type of anxiety but what would you classify as a normal type of anxiety?  If my doctors at the time would of just did a complete thyroid panel and checked to see if my body was lacking anything then they would have seen that my body was completely out of whack. It was screaming to be healed!

Let’s not mention how my body overreacts to stress. Having hypothyroidism I already have a higher than normal cortisol levels that like to gather and remain at my waist. So this muffin top isn’t a regular muffin top it’s a cortisol collection crime zone. I just can’t handle any type of stress, period. That’s why I don’t keep many people in my life. I don’t have a ‘collection” of friends and I keep it this way to try to control this area of stress in my life that comes with ‘people”.  I kicked myself out of the “drama club”.

I really wish people would stop telling me it’s all in my head. It’s not. Yes, I look normal on the outside and I try to hide my condition with a fake smile on most days.

I’m certainly not anti-social or lazy but it certainly does seem that way when you are on the outside looking in.

Looking back on certain things that I’ve discovered over the years. One being that I can’t blame the memory loss solely on hypothyroidism because it could be a number of things that were beginning to develop or change in my body and being low on b12 was one thing that I found out that I was low on. After finding a good doctor whom listened to me and didn’t want to throw me in a padded room.  The initial blood work that was taken showed a number of deficiencies, food allergens and also thyroid antibodies. Slowly I began to tweak my supplements and my food to adjust and cater to my specific body needs.

So, I take each day as it comes. I understand that my health is in my hands and I am no longer healthy but with each day passing, I begin to get stronger, I am more aware and my friend, Knowledge is power. I listen to my body and I certainly don’t care what others think anymore. The loss of the old me was the beginning of a new me. My hypothyroidism has actually been a blessing in disguise because it has lead me on this journey of discovery and I truly understand what it means to have chronic pain and a chronic illness.

I want you, my readers, to find hope between the pages of all my books. I want you to know that you have power and always try to be positive.  By reading my books, if you find any of my books to be just “Average” and perhaps its not for you or what you needed please pass it on you may never know this could be someones else saving grace.

In many of my books, you will find everything you need to know about  healing your hypothyroidism. The guess work has been taken out.   I can assure you that even in the toughest cases, you can heal your thyroid.

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Dieting for Your Thyroid

When it comes down to it, the proper diet for our thyroid is one that has balance. We need to constantly be incorporating a healthy amount of the three major sources of macronutrients:

  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Healthy Carbohydrates

The mix here is important, and by purchasing my book  A survivors cookbook guide to kicking hypothyroidism booty, I will show you exactly how and what you should be working each day  into your diet so that you start healing  your health.  Break that cycle today, start eating to cater to your thyroid and replenish your life.


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We need to be kind to ourselves. Give our bodies a fighting chance. If you constantly feed your body crap then you are making it susceptible to inflammation, virus’s and disease. I want to help you become successful in your healthy journey by applying the empowering techniques many of my blogs have to offer. This article has been written by a person who has had real struggles with a hypothyroidism but has worked through them. I am going to “keep it real” with you.

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