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Recently,  the American  authorities have decided for us, what is “essential and non-essential” for you during this pandemic.

As usual, they are just a wee bit off the mark, on what is important for human survival.
Here’s a top 10 of the most important things for humans to survive, and PROSPER (in no particular order) and how the government has done the complete opposite.
1. Income – As long as money is used for goods and services, human beings require an income source in order to fund things like food and shelter. With the government’s draconian quarantine enforcements in place, millions have lost their income and ability to properly fund the basics to human survival.
2. Food – It is estimated that a human being can go approximately 30 days with no food. Food is the predominant way to feed our bodies, stay nourished, and stay healthy. With lowered incomes and growing disruption of food supplies, this has been put in jeopardy by the government.
3. Shelter – Although it can be done, living without shelter is an extreme hardship. To protect oneself from the elements is not a luxury, but a basic necessity for humans to THRIVE, which is why it is essential. However, with lowered incomes, many people and families will find themselves in the streets or without proper shelter.
4. Outdoors/Nature – Being outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and the sun, is paramount for humans to survive. Without both, food would not grow, nutrient levels (such as Vitamin D) would be compromised, and life would cease to exist on this planet. Asking people to stay indoors, takes away those essential services from the environment, and causes more sickness and disease.
5. Clean water – It is estimated that a human being can go approximately 3 days with no water, and since our body is made up of approximately 75% water, it makes perfect sense. Unfortunately, our municipal water supplies have been tainted with fluoride, chlorine, VOC’s, prescription drugs, and more, and have taken away the gift of clean water, from many humans.
6. Oxygen – Arguably the most important element to human survival, a human being can typically only operate without oxygen for 4-6 minutes, at which point severe brain damage and death can occur. This perfectly illustrates how important oxygenation is for our bodies. So when the outdoors become restricted, and masks are required or heavily encouraged, you dramatically reduce the amount of oxygen available to you. In fact, you do the opposite when wearing a mask, by breathing in your own carbon dioxide.
7. Physical interaction – One of the biggest and most underrated necessities for human survival is physical interaction. Being able to touch, hug, or otherwise be close to your loved ones, is essential to your spiritual and physical needs. However, this has been deemed as non-essential by the government, who have restricted many interactions to being 6 feet apart.
8. Freedom – Another HUGE essential service for humans is freedom. The ability to earn income, travel, visit, and refuse forced medical procedures is at serious risk. This is non-negotiable – our freedom and sovereignty is the essence of being human.
9. Love – Due to media tactics, governmental obstruction, and other divisive actions, “love thy neighbor” has more and more become “question and block thy neighbor”, which has facilitated a general disdain towards those who don’t agree with you. As a result, love has taken a back seat to hate, which is one of the most deteriorating emotions to your health. LOVE is essential, to PROPSERING.
10. Peace – We have been at war for years, with other countries, cultures, and ourselves. Whether it is bombing another civilization, or our bodies with toxic medicines, procedures, and thoughts, we have little idea what peace looks like thanks to the actions of the government. However, it is essential to our survival and to PROSPER, but unfortunately, never ending wars have become an essential item on their list, and the people have suffered as a result.
This is a short list of how many essentials have been tampered with and ruined, at our expense. On the flip side, government has determined other things are more important and should remain at your disposal, like liquor stores, fast food, and big box stores.
Does this sound like the actions of a group of people who care about your well-being? Do you think their enforcements produce a healthier and happier population?
It’s time to wake up from our nap. It’s time to PROSPER.

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What does HEALING look like? Healing comes from a deeper place from within yourself, and taking the necessary steps to come into alignment with the truth. Every step, breath and decision you take that brings you closer to your truth, it will simultaneously bring you one step closer to what your healing will look like. It doesn’t matter what treatment you undertake for hypothyroidism. This is your truth and your healing journey. To deny this is to miss the great opportunity and message that hypothyroidism brings. We all have different paths to walk and we must learn from our walk and grow from it or we will stay stuck on that hamster wheel and continue to fall down that rabbit hole of uncertainty. Asking the questions, finding the answers and ultimately learning how to step on that path to create change is where the true healing begins then you will soon see the beginning steps of your body becoming whole again.
Finally, a drop of truth in this Ocean of Propaganda we are given daily.

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