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Words for Grown Women

We all have that picture perfect imagine that we want to see when we look in the mirror. For some strange reason we think that our lives would be so much easier, if we could just be “that” size or have “that” job or be married to “that” person. As women, we seem to allow ourselves to be critiqued by the world’s view of our self-image and this can affect our self-esteem.

Life can be exactly what you make it.

This is  your journey.   


  1. Love the Skin Your In 

You’re the only person in this world that is you. You are unique individuals and that is fantastic. Embrace who you are. You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are enough. Accept yourself and love all your flaws.


  1. Find Your Tribe 

You are not everyone’s cup of tea. We need to feel connected, supported and loved. Finding your tribe of friends will allow you to feel accepted, appreciated and understood. Your tribe will also give you the confidence to stop pretending and be yourself. Keep your standards high, feel good in your own skin and be happy. Soon, you will find yourself surrounded by loving people who will encourage and empower you.


  1. Healthy Habits 

Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. You can do anything that you set your mind to do. Your new healthy habit can be anything from meditation, eating better or trying out a new exercise. Any decision to improve your overall health will benefit you in the long run. Choose a healthy habit that is easy to start. Remember that your life goals isn’t your healthy habit change but it will get you started in the right direction.  Don’t forget this is all a process. Each day you will become better, stronger and more successful.


  1. Embrace Life 

We live in a fast paced superficial world. Where ever you go, there you are. You can’t always control the world around you. Take time to breathe everything in, think about what is going on and let circumstances unfold as they may. Why not allow the universe catch you.


  1. Gather Together 

I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family over a nice meal. Social connections help us maintain a sense of belonging. Attending a dinner party is heartwarming and it brings people closer. “People with social support have fewer cardiovascular problems and immune problems, and lower levels of cortisol — a stress hormone,” says Tasha R. Howe, PhD, associate professor of psychology at Humboldt State University.


  1. Volunteering your Time 

Volunteering makes a difference in the lives of other people. Studies have shown that people who volunteer and donate their time feel more socially connected. Many people find volunteer work to be helpful with respect to stress reduction, boost your self-confidence and give you a over satisfaction of happiness.  A 2012 study in the journal Health Psychology found that participants who volunteered with some regularity lived longer.


  1. Gratitude 

Gratitude means you’re thankful for what you have. You count your blessings by noticing the simple pleasures in life. You also acknowledge everything that you receive. You have learned to live your life as if everything was a miracle, and you are aware of everything that have been given to you. Being thankful changes your mindset from what your life lacks to the abundance that you currently have. One way you can start to practice gratitude daily is by keeping a journal of everything in your life that you are thankful to have. Don’t wait for something good to happen to practice gratitude. Start seeing the good in every situation. This will help you improve you self-image. It’s not what others think about you, it’s what you think about yourself that truly matters.

8.  What others think of You 

It’s none of your business what others peoples opinions are of you.  You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and that is perfectly okay.  You are NOT living your life for them. Be happy with you and your uniqueness. There will always be someone who has something to say or be judgmental.  As long as you like you that is all that matters.   

9. There is no such thing as Normal

We are all unique and have our own preferences and beliefs. We were all raised differently there for there is no such thing as being “normal” What is normal for you might be abnormal to another person and that is okay. Just roll with the flow and respect other people’s differences. If it’s something that goes against  your beliefs then continue on your journey without them. This doesn’t mean you have to accept their way of life it just means that its not for you.  

10. Trying to fit into the wrong crowd

Face it there will always be someone who thinks your not good enough to be “their” friend.  Congratulation’s they did you a favor! Consider yourself lucky that, that toxic person is not in your life and think of it as the trash taking itself out. You don’t need anyone’s approval to be you.  Why do you want to be accepted by these toxic people anyways? 

11. Avoiding idle Gossip

It’s just plain childish to gossip, talk bad about someone and spread rumors. Work on being the best you, be happy and love your life.  Remember Karma does come back around so if you laughed at , made fun of or kicked someone while they are down it does have a way of circling back around.  

12. Letting go of the Past

Stop fretting over past mistakes. It is in the past for a reason. Own it, accept that you made a bad decision, learn from it, forgive yourself and move forward

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