Bio-individuality is a Fancy Word For Personalized Nutrition. How Can You Use Personalized Nutrition to Begin to Heal With Hypothyroidism?

Bio-individuality is a fancy word for personalized nutrition.

There is a new word being coined for an old topic . It’s called bio-individuality.

Bio-individuality is a fancy word for personalized nutrition.

Bio-individual diets aka personalized nutrition plans have been proven to help a person begin to heal because frankly just general health recommendations don’t and won’t always work, therefore people need to use bio-individuality aka personalized nutrition plan to figure out what is the best fit for their health care needs.

I’ve been writing about bio-individuality aka personalized nutrition for years because we are all wired differently and what works for one many not work for another. Also, we have different health issues plus gut microbes. I certainly didn’t need a scientist or any fancy computerized algorithm to confirm what I’ve been writing about this entire time.

Personalized nutrition simply caters and is tailored to an individual based on any health issues such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes,  high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, autoimmune disorders, cancer and whatever else is going on within the walls of your skin.  Genetic history, current blood work and food intolerances are also taken into consideration. Other things that need to be taken into consideration is gut microbe along with blood sugar balances.

The first results from the Personalised Nutrition Project, run by leading researchers in Israel, are due to be unveiled on Friday at the Human Microbiome conference in Heidelberg, Germany.
The project challenges the idea that general recommendations about healthy foods are suitable for everyone, and instead aims to produce optimized diets based on people’s unique biological make-up.

Personalized nutrition is ambitious, rigorous and vague because if you don’t know the person you are working with then its throwing away time.

Personalized nutrition can be very liberating for people and provide an eye-opening experience that in reality, healthy eating does not have to be as limiting or depriving as they perceive.

The human gut microbiome is being recognized more and more as having a fundamental role in our human health and physiology. Gut microbiome is has been proved to be affect more by the environment than by their genetics.
*Scientists and researchers believe the tailored diets could help stem the rising tide of diabetes, heart disease and obesity, by personalizing people’s daily meals and so helping them to adopt healthy eating habits.
*Scientists have created bespoke diets using a computer algorithm that learns how individual bodies respond to different foods…

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is a nutrition plan that are specific to your needs and health conditions to ultimately help you meet your goal.

“For example, someone with a hypothyroidism, high blood pressure and chronic insomnia often has to limit or eliminate many types of foods that would traditionally be deemed healthy for others. Also it also should personally tailored to your glucose food responses, along with what health issues your have, your lifestyle and your gut microbe.

This is why the size-fits-all diets dont work for people and although friends and family members may have good intentions their good hearted diet recommendation could actually complicate an individuals health condition even further.
Personalized nutrition isn’t simply a way for you not to eat certain foods or to concentrate solely on consuming others. It’s a completely new lifestyle approach that also incorporates fitness, stress reduction and becoming a healthier you.

I’ve been writing about bio-individuality aka personalized nutrition for years and I talk about it in many of my already published books.

Bio-individuality is a fancy work for personalized nutrition.

What does HEALING look like?
Healing comes from a deeper place from within yourself, and taking the necessary steps to come into alignment with the truth. Every step, breath and decision you take that brings you closer to your truth, it will simultaneously bring you one step closer to what your healing will look like.
It doesn’t matter what treatment you undertake for hypothyroidism. This is your truth and your healing journey. To deny this is to miss the great opportunity and message that hypothyroidism brings. We all have different paths to walk and we must learn from our walk and grow from it or we will stay stuck on that hamster wheel and continue to fall down that rabbit hole of uncertainty.
Asking the questions, finding the answers and ultimately learning how to step on that path to create change is where the true healing begins then you will soon see the beginning steps of your body becoming whole again. For those who are finally fed up with false promises, unrealistic expectations, fad diets, and yo-yo weight gain—there is help.
Finally, a drop of truth in this Ocean of Propaganda we are given daily.

Are you tired of not feeling your best? Have you been taking thyroid medications and they just don’t seem to be working? Are your hypothyroidism symptoms getting worse? For those of you who are finally fed up with false promises, fad diets, and feeling like your living your life on the side lines-there is help.
This is my strategy and what you will learn out of this book
*How to reverse your hypothyroidism naturally
*Learn what is really going with your body
*Discover a new and exciting you
*Learn a new way to begin to heal
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