In the land of the blind

Why are Americans so poorly educated and gullible when it comes to our healthcare issues?

For years, all of us fed this visual propaganda since birth. We believe what we said was the truth and we have a blind faith that people with titles behind their name will not do us any harm.

Did you know that six major corporations own most of the media? Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch’s News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany, and Viacom. There is a control of information by these companies’ and they have conditioned us, censored us, and pre-program us to not think for ourselves or to believe what they want us to deem as the truth. 

Did you know that the CDC is a private 501(c)(3) public charity foundation that receives charitable contributions from philanthropic grants and individuals, other foundations, corporations, universities, NGOs, and other organizations to advance the work of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?

It states on their website that the CDC is committed to applying rigorous scientific standards to ensure the accuracy and reliability of research results.

This certainly makes one think and if you take the time to do, a little digging you can find out who the donors are and who sits on their board of directors. Then continue doing more digging and find out who they are, who have they worked for, or what company or stock they own. That certainly will take you down another rabbit hole to see why some of these things are happening to the American people. Who exactly has a financial gain from these toxic vaccines, fake processed foods, environmental chemicals, chemicals in beauty products, tainted water supplies, and medications?     

Many published data are unreliable and false.  They want us to believe in a false front.

Again, as I already stated. Professor Dolores Cahill has a degree in Molecular Genetics and a Ph.D. In Immunology.  She found in her research from 25 years ago. There were many published data that was incorrect and a ton of errors in the research material. She did her best to get the scientist to correct their findings but had a ton of resistance. In Germany, any fraud in research is a criminal offense. If researchers created fraud and errors, it is a criminal offense in Germany and the institute would lose funding for 10 years.

 In America, we do not have this demand for research and data integrity.      

You must begin to understand the dynamics behind published articles. You see, most professors or colleges rely on funding from endowments and donations. Who are the people giving these endowments and donations? You must also ask yourself,” why are these people giving these endowments and donations what do they have to gain?” Are they just simply very nice people? One would love to think this but we are not in a fairy tale world and most of these people are not here to save you but to profit off your sickness.  Some are nice people and not everyone who donates has something to gain or have a hidden agenda behind their donations. Most of these scientific studies fudged and paid scientific studies.  The people paying for them need them to sway the research their way in a positive light to benefit the funder. There are influential “players” who place themselves effectively within the system to be able to have the advantage and sway the results for their high-paying clients.

Yes, state colleges also get funding from the state but endowments and donations are completely different. 

The national institute of health is a 10-20-billion-dollar industry. Whenever they do grant funding, the national institute for health meets and they have a “call for papers. The people on this board determine if your research ensures funding.    

Duke University in Durham, N.C. had to pay $112 million to settle a whistleblower lawsuit after federal prosecutors said a research technician’s fake data landed millions of dollars in federal grants, the school, and the government on Monday, March 25, 2019. The lawsuit filed in 2015 by a whistleblower and former Duke Employee Joseph Thomas.

 The U.S. Justice Department said the private university in Durham submitted claims for dozens of research grants that contained falsified or fabricated information that unjustly drained taxpayer money from the National Institutes of Health, the Environmental Protection Agency, and other federal agencies.

The government alleged that between 2006 and 2018 Duke knowingly submitted faked data to federal agencies in 30 grants.

I am going to list just some, not all-scientific misconduct incidents because all of it would fill up the pages of this entire book but you can do a simple internet search to find many, many more @

Now, I honestly don’t believe all these misconduct incidents are true because some of these people have done real research and presented the truth but because who they were working for and who was funding their research didn’t want the actual truth to be told they were discredited and had to retract some of their work. 

For example, Dr. Judy Mikovits is one of the most accomplished scientists of her generation. Her 1991 doctoral thesis would have revolutionized the treatment of HIV-Aids. She published an article in the journal of science that revealed the common use of animal & fetal tissues in vaccines were releasing devastating plagues & chronic diseases. Soon she was arrested, jailed for 5 years, and put under a gag order. Why do you ask? Because her work went against the vaccine agenda.

Read her newly published book– Plague of Corruption

If we do not start realizing what is happening to us. Humanity will soon cease to exist. Our DNA is being extremely damaged where we will not even be able to recognize our very own species. 

Biomedical sciences

1. Anna Ahimastos-Lamberti (Australia), a former medical researcher, admitted to fabricating scientific results published in numerous major international medical journals. [4] As a result, two journal articles about a three-year clinical trial involving a medication used to treat hypertension were retracted. [5][6]

2.Bharat Aggarwal (US), a former Ransom Horne, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Cancer Research at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, [7] resigned his position after the fraud was discovered in 65 papers published by him in the area of curcumin as a treatment for cancer. [8] Aggarwal has had 28 of his publications retracted. [9]

3. Elias Alsabti (Iraq, US), was a medical practitioner who posed as a biomedical researcher. He plagiarized as many as 60 papers in the field of cancer research, many with non-existent co-authors. [10] [11] [12]

Piero Anversa (US, Italy) and Annarosa Leri (US, Italy), collaborators and former researchers at Harvard University, were found in a 2014 investigation to have “manipulated and falsified” data in their research on endogenous cardiac stem cells, and to have included “false scientific information” in grant applications; these events resulted in Partners HealthCare and Brigham and Women’s Hospital paying a $10 million settlement to the US government and pausing a clinical trial based on Anversa and Leri’s work.[13][14][15] In October 2018, following many failed replications of their work, Harvard University and Brigham and Women’s Hospital called for the retraction of 31 publications from the Anversa/Leri research group;[16] as of December 2018, 14 of Anversa and Leri’s publications have been retracted.[17] Anversa and Leri lost a lawsuit they brought against Harvard that claimed the 2014 investigation had damaged their reputations.[18]

 Edward Awh and graduate student David Anderson (US), formerly of the University of Oregon, retracted nine of their publications due to data fabrication. [19] [20] This included an action identified by The Scientist (magazine) as a Top 10 Retraction of 2015. [21]

Werner Bezwoda (South Africa), formerly of the University of Witwatersrand, admitted to scientific misconduct in trials on high-dose chemotherapy on breast cancer, stating that he had “committed a serious breach of scientific honesty and integrity.”[22] [23] [24]

Philippe Bois (US), chief science officer at Algafeed and former postdoctoral fellow in biochemistry at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, was found by the ORI to have falsified an image to conceal unwanted results in a retracted [25] 2005 paper published in Journal of Cell Biology, and intentionally mislabeled gel lanes in a 2005 paper published in Molecular and Cellular Biology. [26] [27]

Joachim Boldt (Germany), an anesthesiologist formerly based at the Justus Liebig University Giessen, was stripped of his professorship and criminally investigated for forgery in his research studies. [28] Boldt has had 96 of his publications retracted. [29]

 C. David Bridges (US), a researcher at Purdue University and formerly at Baylor College of Medicine, was found by an NIH investigation panel to have stolen ideas from a rival’s manuscript that Bridges had been asked to review, and used that information to produce and publish his research.[30][31] The investigating panel described Bridges’ conduct as ” egregious misconduct of science that undermines the entire concept and practice of scientific experimentation and ethical responsibility,”[32] with NIH later stripping Bridges of his funding.[33]

Silvia Bulfone-Paus (Germany, UK), an immunologist at the Research Center Borstel and the University of Manchester, has had 13 of her publications retracted following investigations of alleged scientific misconduct involving image manipulation. [34] [35]

Cyril Burt was accused posthumously of faking statistics in I.Q. studies, and of inventing two co-authors in questionable papers he had published.

Ranjit Chandra (Canada), a former nutrition researcher at Memorial University of Newfoundland and self-proclaimed “father of nutritional immunology,”[36] was in 2015 stripped of his Order of Canada membership following accusations of scientific wrongdoing in his research.[37] In 2015 Chandra lost a $132 million case against the CBC, which in 2006 presented a documentary in which 10 of Chandra’s publications were identified as “fraudulent or highly suspicious;”[38] Chandra was ordered to pay the CBC $1.6 million to cover the defendant’s legal fees.[39] At least four of Chandra’s publications have been retracted.[40]

Ching-Shih Chen (US), the former chair of cancer research at The Ohio State University, was investigated by OSU and the federal Office of Research Integrity after being anonymously reported for falsifying data. The investigation found that he mishandled images and figures in published papers, “intentionally falsified data,” and did not keep any laboratory notebooks on his research, a violation of federal research policies. [41] [42] Chen has had eight research publications retracted. [43]

Carlo M. Croce (US), an oncologist and professor of medicine at Ohio State University, has been the subject of several allegations of scientific misconduct, including data falsification, and related institutional investigations.[44][45][46] Croce has filed lawsuits against critics,[47] including a defamation lawsuit against David Sanders (biologist) of Purdue University[48] and a defamation claim against The New York Times that in 2018 was largely dismissed,[49] and has also sued OSU to reclaim a department chair position from which he was removed.[50] Croce has had nine of his publications retracted and 15 others corrected.[51]

John Darsee (US), a cardiologist formerly based at Harvard University, fabricated data in published research articles and more than 100 abstracts and book chapters. [52] [53] In 1983 Darsee was disbarred for ten years by the US National Institutes of Health. [54] Darsee has had at least 17 of his publications retracted. [55]

Dipak Das (US), former director of the Cardiovascular Research Center at the University of Connecticut Health Center, was found in a University investigation to be guilty of 145 counts of fabrication or falsification of research data. [56] Das has had 20 of his publications retracted. [57]

Evan B. Dreyer (US), former Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at Harvard University Medical School, reported falsified and/or fabricated experimental results in manuscripts and grant applications. In 2000 Dreyer was blocked for 10 years from receiving NIH-sponsored research grants. [58] [59] [60]

Richard Eastell (UK), a medical doctor and professor at the University of Sheffield, was found in a 2009 General Medical Council hearing to be negligent in making “untrue” and “misleading” declarations involving a trial of the osteoporosis drug Actonel. [61] Eastell had in 2006 resigned as director of research at Sheffield National Health Service Trust following allegations of “financial irregularities” connected to his research program. [62] [63] [64]


Claudio Airoldi (Brazil), a former professor at the University of Campinas, and Denis de Jesus Lima Guerra (Brazil), a former professor at the Federal University of Mato Grosso, have had 13 of their papers retracted [226] in what was reported as the biggest case of scientific fraud in Brazil. [227]

Juan Carlos Mejuto (Spain) and Gonzalo Astray Dopazo (Spain) of the University of Vigo had two papers retracted in 2011 because “significant portions” of the papers duplicated previously published work. [228] [229] [230]

Leo Paquette (US), an Ohio State University professor, plagiarized sections from an unfunded NIH grant application for use in his own NIH grant application. [231] He also plagiarized an NSF proposal for use in one of his scientific publications. [232] [233]

H. Zhong, T. Liu, and their colleagues (China) at Jinggangshan University have retracted at least 70 papers published in Acta Crystallographica[234][235] following analyses that revealed the organic structures claimed in these papers to be impossible or implausible; the supporting data appeared to have been taken from valid structures that had then been altered by substituting atoms.[236][237]

Guido Zadel (Germany), published an article with the title “Enantioselective Reactions in a Static Magnetic Field” in 1994. [238] His experiments had been manipulated, which led to the retraction of the respective paper and the final loss of his doctoral degree in 2004. [239] The German version of the article is still accessible at Angew. Chem. in 2018 for $59 without any obvious retraction note. [240]

Shigehito Isobe (Japan), professor at Hokkaido University, was found to have significant overlap with several publications by the authors in a 2010 paper that was later retracted. [241]


Teruji Cho (Japan), a researcher of plasma physics, was dismissed from the University of Tsukuba following his falsification of raw data in a research paper. [249]

Akihisa Inoue (Japan), metallurgist and former President of Tohoku University, has had ten of his research papers retracted for duplication. [250] [251] [252] [253]

Victor Ninov (US), a nuclear chemist formerly at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, was dismissed from his position after falsifying his work on the discovery of elements 116 and 118. [254] [255]

Jan Hendrik Schön (Germany, US), a researcher in the physics of semiconductors formerly employed by Bell Labs, forged results by using the same data sets for different and unrelated experiments. [256] [257] Schön has had 32 of his publications retracted. [85]

Alexander Spivak (Israel), a tenured senior lecturer at Holon Institute of Technology (HIT), twice plagiarized a paper [258] written by his former postdoctoral adviser and two other researchers from Tel Aviv University. [259] [260] The HIT administration’s handling of Spivak’s misconduct received harsh criticism in Israel [261] and abroad. [262] In May 2015, another paper by Spivak was retracted for duplication. [263] [264]

Rusi Taleyarkhan (US), a nuclear engineer at Purdue University, was found by a University committee in 2008 to have falsified his research. [265]

486 Chinese cancer researchers were found guilty of engaging in a fraudulent peer-review scheme by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology. The investigation was initiated after the retraction of 107 papers published in Tumor Biology between 2012 and 2016. [313] [314] This is reported to be the most papers retracted from one journal. [315]

Ismail Deha Er (Turkey), former Associate Professor of Marine Engineering at Istanbul Technical University, plagiarized the vast majority of his paper published at Energy Sources Part A.[316] I. Deha Er simply copied content of a technical report published by MAN Diesel titled “Emission Control Two-Stroke Low-Speed Diesel Engines”.\

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There is a war raging against humanity and our earth.  We have been passively indoctrinated and so utterly pre-programmed that we do not ask the questions that need to ask. We have laid our trust completely in those in power or someone with a title behind their name. People conditioned blindly believing in things simply because enough people assured us it was true. Infectious diseases have been irradiated but chronic diseases are the new black plague of our modern time. This book is profoundly personal as it represents a mission brimming with meaning.  As I reflect on extraordinary truths about our nation’s health history, current, and future, I also offer you wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. We must stop the atrocities if we want to become a healthier nation in the future. We must stop the atrocities if we want the human race to survive. I hope my voice and advocacy will continue to help lead the way and this book will make changes for current and future generations to come. No, I simply do not have all the answers but I have written plenty in this book to make you start questioning EVERYTHING.

What you are about to discover is terrifying.

Poisoned Profit

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A Women’s Holistic Holy Grail Handbook for Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s: How I healed my Hypothyroidism and Autoimmune Disorder with Personalized Nutrition

I hoped you’ve been enlightened and not frightened by my latest blog — A tale of recovery to save a woman who caught OCD, Hypothyroidism and an Autoimmune Disorder –

Please follow along with me on this journey of discovery as I share with you my brush of madness with exquisite clarity. Luckily, I was never a quick fix-it junkie where I said no to many suggestions from board certified or certifiable doctors because I felt it in my soul that it was merely a banaide being placed on my issues. The names of certain doctors have been changed because frankly, I don’t want to be sued for proven their lack in their field. 

Hippocrates was right when he said: Let they food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.


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