Does the Government Represent the People?

Everything we learned and have been told about how America’s government works was completely wrong. Researchers at Princeton University looked at more than 20 years’ worth of data to answer a simple question. 

Does the government represent the people?

Now, this is what they found.

On the lower right-hand side of the axis, it represents the idea’s that all Americans want. The upper left had side of the axis represents the likelihood of congress passing a law that reflects any of the ideas from zero to a 100% chance with being at the top left 100%. On this graph and Ideal republic would look like the photo below.

If 50% of us supports a law, there is 50% chance that it shall get passed and the graph would look the phot below.

An 80% would look like the picture below.

Unfortunately, the way our government actually runs isn’t even close.

Take an idea that nobody supports and it has about a 30% chance of becoming federal law. Now take an incredibly popular idea that everyone supports and there is still about a 30% chance that it will never become a federal law. This means that the number of American voters for or against any idea has no impact on the likely hood that congress will make it law. Per Princeton, “the preference of the average American appear to only have a miniscule , near zero, statistically  non-significant impact upon public policy” If you have ever felt as if your opinion doesn’t matter and the government doesn’t care what you think? Well, you are right. This flat line in the graph below only accounts for 90% of American earners.

Economic Elites and lobbyists get their own line.

When they want something, the government is much more likely do to it and when they want to block something they have the same power. No matter how much the rest of the country supports it. They get what they want and guess who ends up paying for it? We pay for it with the most expensive health care in the world, a tax code that is always in our pocket, government wasteful spending, a ridiculous education system that dumbs our kids down Moreso than educates them. A catastrophic drug war and 1 in 5 American children born into poverty. Every single major issue that we face as a nation can be traced back to this graph.

How does this happen? Well, just follow the money.

Right now, it is perfectly legal to buy political influence in America.

This is how it works. Let’s say a big bank wants a law that would force taxpayers to bail them out again even if they have the same exact wreck less behavior that crashed the global economy in 2008. Its perfectly legal for a bank to hire a team of lobbyist whose entire job is to make sure the government gives the bank what it wants then those lobbyist can track down members of congress who regulates banks and help raise a ton of money for their re-election campaign. its perfectly legal for those lobbyists to offer the same politicians million-dollar jobs at their lobbying firm. Then those lobbyists can literally write the language of the new bailout law themselves and hand it off to the politician they just buttered up with campaign money and lucrative job offers. Next, it’s perfectly legal for that politician to take the new written language and sneak it through congress at the last moment. So now you have a law that will greatly benefit the banks and the entire process can start over. This is how the bill has become a law in America now. A special interest hires some lobbyists. Those lobbyists make donations to a campaign contribution and offer the politicians a job, they write the laws that congress then passes to help those aimed at special interests. This happens every single day on every single issue with politicians on both parties. In the last 5 years alone the most politically active top 200 companies in the United States spent 5.8 billion influencing our government.  Those same companies got 4.4 trillion in taxpayer support and that is just the top 200 companies.  Never mind every other special interest, trade association and every billionaire. Every single one of them can use their money to buy political influence. This data goes back over 40 years. Corruption is legal in America. The solution here isn’t rocket science. Make corruption illegal.

We need to be part of the solution and fix this issue. We already know congress won’t.

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