Homemade All Natural Amazing Smelling Deordorant

Homemade Deodorant
I’ve been making my own deodorant for years. I wanted to share a recipe out of my latest book, A Survivor’s Cookbook Guide to Kicking Hypothyroidism’s booty.  It all started when I came across an article on the Internet about how aluminum-based
antiperspirants may increase the risk for breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease
and kidney disease. (Scientists noticed that dialysis patients who
had these high aluminum levels were more likely to develop dementia
too.) Our bodies are supposed to sweat. Sweat isn’t inherently stinky
either. In fact, it’s nearly odorless. The stench comes from bacteria that
break down from one of two types of sweat on your skin. Deodorant
advertisers have done a pretty neat job of convincing us that we’re disgustingly
smelly people who in fact need to be refined and save our
stinky selves by their products. We’ve been wonderfully brainwashed
into thinking sweating is a bad thing. Sweating from the heat, sweating
from exercise, and sweating from stress are all different, chemically
speaking. Stress sweat smells the worst. That’s because smelly sweat
is only produced by one of the two types of sweat glands called the
apocrine glands, which are usually in areas with lots of hair—like our
armpits, the groin area, and scalp. The odor is the result of the bacteria
that break down the sweat once it’s released onto your skin. Fun fact:
While women have more sweat glands than men, men’s sweat glands
produce more sweat.

1/2 cup baking soda

1/2 cup arrowroot powder or 1/2 cup of cornstarch

5 tablespoon unrefined virgin coconut oil

10 drops of grapefruit essential oil or lavender essential oil

(You can pick your favorite scent. I like lavender or grapefruit.)

Mix baking soda and arrowroot together. Melt your coconut oil in the microwave in a microwave-safe bowl. Mix all ingredients (the baking soda and arrowroot powder) with the oil. Pour into clean small mason jar. Add your essential oil to the mason jar; close with the lid. Give it a good shake to combine the essential oil with the other mixture. By doing it this way, you can still use that bowl to eat with.  Once you mix that essential oil in the bowl, it can only be used for the purpose of making your deodorant. Everything you’ve used is edible except the essential oils.

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